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Passed A&P exam today!

  1. 0 I passed A&P with an A!

    Man, that was a tough test!
    This was my first Excelsior exam so it was a big step. I figured it would show how hard I need to study and what materials work best, etc. I kept reading the threads here and that helped a lot. Thank you, folks!

    It's done! That's the best part.
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    FANTASTIC! That is a BIG beast of a test! I'm saving micro for jan now lol
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    Great job!!! I only got a "B" on that monster. Congrats!!
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    Congrats!! What did u use to study?
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    Congrats!!! I just passed last week with a B. I am now working on Microbiology.
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    Good job! You're off and running!
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    Quote from *karma
    congrats!! what did u use to study?

    mostly used these: anatomy and physiology for dummies, isbn:074654220. it's clear and concise. i found it helpful.

    studygroup101 anatomy and physiology study guide. this is a great resource!
    however, i found my mind wandering as i tried to read these, even though they are very good. so, i used readplease2003 (it's free) ( to help. it is a text-to-speech program. i copied and pasted the study guide chapter into the program and had it read to me at a fairly quick pace, faster than i read to myself. you can follow along as it reads and it highlights each word that it is reading so i found myself focusing on the text more. i read through the sg101 stuff twice this way! one time early on and again this week to review and i found stuff i just didn't catch the first time around.

    i got the excelsior practice tests, as many have suggested. i looked up any concept i missed. today, the exam had a few questions like the practice test on the real exam. now, i totally believe in spending that extra amount of money. if $60 can help you pass so you don't waste that $$$, it's worth it.

    standard deviants anatomy vol. 1 - this is a dvd. it's easy to follow. i have used standard deviants' for a lot of things. it helps. sometimes, i just didn't feel like sitting there reading for hours so i would put the dvd on and fold laundry or something.

    used these a little bit:

    an slightly older edition of martini's anatomy and physiology which the excelsior study guide recommends. i used this to look things up and to see the pictures (good photos and diagrams). it looks like a very good text book, but i just didn't read it much at all.

    webster's medical dictionary.
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    Congrats to you! A&P is a beast!
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    Congrats! I passed too last week and it was tough, I studied lots of pretest handouts and some questions were even on the actual test! My first test with excelsior was Micro thought that was tough too but passing ur first test really helps with ur self esteem! Good luck with journey. I have just started with the nursing portion now and can't wait til I'm finish

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    Thanks to everyone! I really appreciate it.

    Pixiedust0305, congratulations on passing A&P! That's great! You have both of those out of the way. I have paid for micro, but will wait a bit to take that one. It looks like it might be as much *fun* as A&P was. Won't wait too long because I want to get it done while I am in science mode. - What did you use to study for micro?

    My next exam is scheduled for Wednesday, the Transition exam. Sometimes, momenteum and motivation are the same thing!
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    Awesome!! Good for you!! I'm studying for A&P'll be my first EC exam. I heard it was the hardest so I want to get it out of the way! Love the idea about the DVD's, I'm definately looking into that...I'm a very visual learner.
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    I took the Transition exam this afternoon and passed it with an A. Yay! (Thank You, God!)

    8 more to go. Health&Safety is next.

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