PA RN to BSN online schools????

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    I am from PA! i am looking for a good RN to BSN school! i am planning on living in PA for a while and I want to go to a good RN to BSN online school with a good reputation. If anyone could give me advice or a school they went to that would be great!!!

    Thank you!

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    Where in Pa?
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    anywhere! well i guess the program doesn't have to be in PA because I want a completely online program. I have a associates degree and I just want to go to a good college for my RN to BSN.
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    I saw Lasalle University in philly has an RN to BSN online? have you heard anything about that school?
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    Well, some "online" programs still require that you participate in proctored tests on campus....I think Pitt offers their Rn to bsn program online via satellite campuses but you still have to come in occasionally for labs and stuff.

    I've heard Chatham and rmu can he fully online (both are Pittsburgh area)
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    I'm thinking of doing drexels rn to bsn online! Have you heard anything about their program?
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    Western Governors University - Online University | Online Degree Programs, Accredited Bachelor's and Master's

    100% online, VERY reasonable tuition , 100% asynchronous. I have both my BSN and MSN through them and could not be happier with the quality of the education I got. HIGHLY recommended.
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    Quote from gustia55
    I saw Lasalle University in philly has an RN to BSN online? have you heard anything about that school?

    Hi. I actually attend La Salle Univ. right now. I started in may and hope to graduate next summer. It is 500/credit. But if money isn't the issue its a really good school. If you want more info, let me know. I love it and it does have a good reputation.
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    Thanks for posting this..... I am struggling to decide where I should attend for my BSN.... It has to be fast and economical .... Oh and online...... Any thoughts?
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    Clarion University. Completely online, completed in 2 years or even up to 5 years. Small school but affordable and very good program. Very easy to work while completing.

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