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  1. firemantoddswife

    Arrrgghhh, get the smell off!!

    As a matter of fact sphinx, that is exactly what is happening! My husband is a firefighter and after a fire, he has a smoke smell in his nose for hours, sometimes days. Washing with saline sometimes works, others not so much. I used to think it was related to him INHALING the smoke, but he assured me he did not inhale : > }
  2. firemantoddswife

    Is it made of acid? Fire? Cactus stickers?

    So many fabulous tricks to learn! Grow a third arm and make sure it has two hands on the end of it!
  3. firemantoddswife

    Check for Bowel Sounds?

    Exactly! Part of the discharge criteria is taking PO, but part of the discharge instructions are "We put your stomach to sleep too, so please do not go home and eat tamales!"
  4. firemantoddswife

    You might be a PACU nurse if...

    And then they are surprised that their SA02 84% pt is combative!!!
  5. firemantoddswife

    PACU to Floor Transport

    At our facility, whoever can, does. We recently let our help go (budget cuts), so if we need help transporting a pt, we get our own help. Only if there is tele, or a cardiac drip do we require an RN.
  6. firemantoddswife

    Am I Being Unrealistic?

    Sounds like a very scary situation. Not only for the nurse's sanity, but for the patient's safety. I would VERY CAREFULLY consider what aspects of your RN license may be getting pinched in these circumstances.
  7. firemantoddswife

    Whoops...left PACU and REALLY missing it!!!!

    I agree with sunflowergirl70, this is a trial on both ends. It takes discernment to recognize that this is not a good fit.
  8. i did lose some hearing, though in the higher frequencies -- pacus are among the noisiest areas of a hospital Isn't that the truth! I still hear beeping well into the night sometimes!
  9. firemantoddswife

    What is it like being a Pre-op nurse?

    That looks like a GREAT job. Wondering if it may be a Pre-Assessment Testing versus Pre-Op Job.
  10. firemantoddswife

    Survey to help new grad

    1. Quick learner, open to input from multiple sources. 2. Don't know about how to teach humility. 3. Think they know more than anybody, including the person emptying the trash. 4. Be open to teaching from all sources. For example, nobody knows how to give a quicker bed bath than a CA!
  11. firemantoddswife

    PACU RN's- what is your visitor policy?

    1. Yes, Phase II definitely, Phase I, RN discretion. 2. Peds, special need, language barrier, RN discretion 3. I have a late shift, so it's one pt at a time usually, so not an issue to 'see everything'. 4. Phase II, up to 4, but comfort level for the RN. 5. Privacy not an issue in Phase II, close the door. In phase I, close the curtain, but really, monitors are usually beeping enough to drown out convo's.
  12. firemantoddswife

    Do your PACU RN's also staff your Pre-Op area?

    Yes, we staff both, we also staff/sedate for Endo. We are a 120 bed Community Hospital with 9 OR's and an Endo room.
  13. firemantoddswife

    pain level of 10 but sleeping

    One of our favorite drugs for lap choles is Toradol. Docs love it because it works and we love it because it works. Lots of times, the pt gets it in the OR, but this is a first line choice for any of the belly surgeries.
  14. firemantoddswife

    New Grad 1st Job in PACU

    Similar situation, hired as new nurse into PACU. Thankfully I had a very structured orientation program that lasted > 4 months. That said, if I was to look on my own, it would have been critical care resources. Hope this helps.
  15. firemantoddswife

    Too quiet to be a PACU nurse?

    Very confused by her statement to 'lose control'. I agree that some clarification would be helpful. Wondering if she is just regurgitating what her 'loud nurses' have told her about you. This may not be a good fit related to the fact that this is a different kind of PACU!