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Online schools--need some guidance and opinions

  1. 0 Hey all. Looking for a program for LPN-BSN in Indiana. I have heard of Excelsior and the College Network. Any others that are awesome programs that anyone could tell me about??
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    TCN is not a school, they just sell study guides at OUTRAGEOUS prices.
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    So would you suggest Excelsior?
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    What about Indiana State
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    I would look in depth to both ISU, EC or WGU & see which one is a better fit for you. There are forums for each. There are of course pros & cons to both, in the end it comes down to you.
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    I may be biased, but as an on campus ISU student and have interacted with several instructors that teach the online classes. I think that they are very approachable and sincerely care about the online students succeeding. There was a big issue with California State Univ. system cancelling the contract with ISU on short notice and leaving the students in the LPN-BSN program without clinical access in the state. Several instructors flew to California to provide clinicals for those students at the V.A. hospitals (not governed by the Cal. BON). I think that ISU would be a good choice, plus it is obviously approved for the state of Indiana since it is an Indiana school.
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    I wrote a big post with EC info that you may find helpful/informative: