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Online RN-BSN Program WITH Clinical Component

  1. 0 Hello. I'm about to graduate from my ADN program at a California Community College and would like to pursue a BSN. The main objective of my BSN is to obtain a Public Health Certificate in California. As part of the California Board of Registered Nursing's Public Health requirement, BSN graduates need to have 90 clinical hours in public health.

    I know that all of the CSU RN-BSN programs will give me the required clinical hours, but none of them are taking applications for Fall, 2013 and it appears that the earliest I could start most of them would be Fall, 2014.

    I have found plenty of NLNAC/CCNE approved online RN-BSN programs but have not yet found any with clinical components.

    Can anyone help me out?

    Also, if there is anyone out there that has a public health certificate in California but received their BSN out of state, I would be very interested in hearing how you did it.
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    Western Governors University requires a 90-hour practicum in Community Health. I know it's approved by the CA BON, because a lot of nurses in CA are enrolled in that program.
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    Thanks. Their website isn't too clear as to what exactly is required. My only concern with that program is it kind of gives the impression of a diploma mill more than a traditional university.
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    Quote from catbox9
    Thanks. Their website isn't too clear as to what exactly is required. My only concern with that program is it kind of gives the impression of a diploma mill more than a traditional university.
    Not at all. I'm set to start their RN-to-BSN program 7/1, and what helped make my final decision was WGU's awesome reputation. Out of many other online schools, WGU comes very highly recommended and is very affordable. There's no real motivation for them to operate as a diploma mill as they're a not-for-profit school and stand nothing to gain by providing substandard educational experiences. Not to mention the fact that their tuition is based upon 6 month terms and not per credit. That's why really motivated students have been able to finish the entire program in a single term.

    I can't exactly speak to the specifics in California other than when I completed my background check for the program (I'm in MD), I did read that for CA applicants, an immunization check was required in addition the the background check.

    I definitely agree with you that their website doesn't really go into much detail about the program. Honestly, I learned more about WGU from than If you're interested in learning more about the program, fill out the online form to request more information and someone will contact you within a day or two. I can even forward you my enrollment counselor's contact info as she was incredibly informative and thorough.
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    What about it gives you the impression of a diploma mill? It's a very highly regarded school.
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    I am a two-time WGU grad. I would suggest you investigate the school (any school, for that matter) a little more carefully before making such accusations.
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    I have been looking into rn-bsn programs for the last few months and WGU has really caught my eye. It's affordable and online, fast too. Yes its pass/fail but really i'll take a 3.0! lol.

    But does anyone know, like OP inquired, if they offer PHN certificate??
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    I am not in california, but I did read something on the WGU website about how to apply for the PHN once you finish your BSN. I don't remember where I saw it! It's possible it may have been in SOOMO (course helper for the community health practicum) or in the course of study for the practicum.