Online LVN to RN Bridge programs?

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    Hi everyone!
    Im looking for nurses who actually are enrolled or have completed an ONLINE LVN/LPN to RN bridge program. You know, the ones like "The College Network" or Indiana State University. I want to look into them but want some first hand experience. There are soooo many fraudulent places out there, I need some really good insight!! Thank You in advance!

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    Indiana State has been doing their on campus program for YEARS..that school has been around, well, my aunt went to school their for her degree and she's nearly 60....and now they are offering it online. it's the same kind of're just doing it online.

    The college Network provides the study materials for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program...then you enroll with ISU for Phase 3 whch are all of your online nursing classes/clinical hours.

    It's a program that is designed to be done in about 3-4 years.

    it's legit and just got approved in California! California......that says a lot considering CA stopped the only other online/distance learning program three years ago.

    Most states that don't approve the ASN program through Excelsior approve the ISU nursing program.

    good luck
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    hi,, im lvn right now i would like to advance my career to rn, i could like to know which would be faster taking classes online or going to actually jr. colleges??
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    I have almost completed the Excelsior program, just need to do the clinical. I wish I had done community college. I have a lot of money riding on a 2 1/2 day clinical exam. In many ways the distance program works well, it is self paced, you can set up test dates that don't interfere with work (I am full time LPN) but having paid almost $2K for the exam and travel and hotel expenses also I am terrified about failing the CPNE. Also it is a long wait 6-8 months for a test date. But as I said, you can continue to work full time and not have to juggle you shifts or assignments.
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    That one one of my girlfriend's reasons for not going a totally online LPN to RN program. She didn't want to worry about everything riding on one weekend of clinicals like through the Excelsior program. But she is doing a combination of online and traditional classes, so maybe check that out.
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    Do any of you know of a program that CA accepts? They don't accept Excelsior anymore. Thank you!
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    California accepts the Indiana University LVN to BSN/MSN programs.
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    The College Network is a publsihing company, not a college.

    Indiana State University only does LPN - BSN or MSN, not the ASN.

    Excelsior does LPN - RN. You can finagle your way in to RN licensure in most states but if you're a CA resident don't even consider it. Contact your state BON to be sure.
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    If you visit the site above, it will explain Indiana State University's nursing program. The program listed is an LVN to BSN or you can go LVN to MSN, after you graduate the program you are able to apply to take the RN state licensure examination. This program is accepted in California, I've already checked!
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    I anyone actually doing the TCN/ISU online lpn-bsn program?
    I just started my modules with TCN and i would love to talk to people who are currently doing this program as well....

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