Online Anatomy class (with lab)?

  1. California LVN here. I've decided to start taking pre-req's for a bridge program. I'm researching the online possibilities but am only seeing Anatomy/Physiology classes combined. Here in CA, the RN programs require that they be seperate with lab. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    University of New England: However, be aware these courses are very pricy.
  4. by   psych08
    I'm taking Anatomy online through WVU right now. I am paying nearly $1200 and the support is very minimal. It was the best I could find, though... there really aren't very many great options out there!
  5. by   rninme
    Look at which is the community college system in Kansas. Onlline A&P offered - total cost at around 600-700 for the course. Very reasonable - not sure about the difficulty of the class - maybe someone will chime in
  6. by   radtechgirl
    Boise State University has an online A &P and a separate online lab. It's regionally accredited also, and $239/credit hour for part-time plus $92/credit hour for out of state if applicable; so anywhere from about 1K to 1300.00 total cost depending. I would definitely recommend signing up very early to assure you'll have a seat available. Best of luck to you in your career endeavors .
  7. by   caliotter3
    OP stated they need separate anatomy and physiology classes, although the A&P info should be useful for those who can take the combined courses.
  8. by   gypsynurse
    How many credits is the course worth if it is online... I thought it needed to have a lab with when researching, where and how do I look into the schools requirements to know what they accept ? I am deep in the middle of all of this setting up prereq's now..... also, there are some schools that do not allow transfers from other schools .... Is this common ?
  9. by   psych08
    I feel like I should add a bit more about the online anatomy class at WVU. If you want to pay $1200 for access to a bunch of online lecture notes and outdated powerpoints.. then WVU is the place for you! There is no activity on the discussion board .. I have no idea how many other students are taking the class right now nor have I ever communicated with any of them. The 'professor' never contacts us at all. We just get email reminders from the tech guy a few days before the exams, reminding us to take them.

    In other words, if you are the type of student that needs to communicate, ask questions, get feedback from others, etc., in order to well in a class, the WVU anatomy class is not for you. If you can buckle down and read all the online notes and the text, and do all the online and book exercises, you'll be fine (I think I have a 94% in the lab and a 96% in the lecture portion at the moment). All the exams are open book/open note.. because, like I said, you just sign up, fork over the dough, and no one really gives a damn about you!
  10. by   psych08
    gypsynurse - you will just have to email the admissions for each school and ask. I was actually really surprised at what schools did and didn't accept online A&P. For example, OHSU and UCSF said no problem, whereas Seattle University said no. I had to cross about 4 schools off of my list because I had to take anatomy online. I know VCU and USM also accept online anatomy (with lab).
  11. by   Lear77
    Is it true that if it's a brick and mortar school, like WVU, the transcript doesn't say anything about it being online?
  12. by   gypsynurse
    Ok, thanks everyone..... and now it has changed for me anyway, I am not sure where there is an LPN to RN (Associates) online...or in Buffalo, as I found out probably get my LPN lic renewed soon. Just go that way. There are so many, its a lot of weed pulling to get to the fastest good ones. (if there is one.. lol )
  13. by   caliotter3
    Quote from Lear77
    Is it true that if it's a brick and mortar school, like WVU, the transcript doesn't say anything about it being online?
    Many schools do not state anything about online. Look at the title of the course when you are considering enrolling, does it say online in the title of the course? Best to contact the school and verify that it is not identified as 'online' on the transcript.
  14. by   Evans1238
    Cayuga CC has great online pre reqs

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