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Hey all! Just sent in my CPNE application with all attachments. I will post time frames, location info, lodging, road conditions and stuff on this thread. I asked for any location in NPAC with 3... Read More

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    NCGIRL AND FIREGRRL are in New York right now and preparing for lab testing tonite!!!!!!
    Good vibes to you ladies. You don't need "luck" because you have worked and prepared for this.
    Post when you get home!!!!!~!

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    They Passed Cpne This W/e!!!
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    Hello NPACers!
    I am in week nine of the long wait for a date. I was offered a cancellation in Queens this coming weekend but I had already committed to working my hated sub-acute job, 36 hours in 3 days. I think I am going to quit my job on 2/10/09 and study and practice all day and take the first available slot. I really can't afford to do this but the waiting is taking its toll on me.
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    I feel your pain Maureen!! I am in week 8 of my wait for news yet on a date and haven't been offered a cancellation date as of yet....just curious when they call how does the number show up?
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    Maureen call them back and get another date. I am suprised they did not have more. Good Luck and keep us posted. Give me a call I would like to talk to you! I will PM you my number.