New CPNE Testing Site

  1. 1 I've heard that EC is adding a new test site to the NPAC -- this one is located in Chambersburg, PA. That is so close to my home!! But I think I'm still going to go to Mansfield. Hmmm. A student was recently offered a cancellation date there, and they are just getting started at that location.

    In any case, a new test site will help decrease the wait time ... not hugely, but every little bit helps.
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    WOW!! I live in PA.Hope to CPNE eligible by July!Thanks for the update!
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    I live in PA as well, that is a great piece of info. Thanks Lunah.

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    Are they already testing there? I heard they were opening one there but were having trouble getting staff. That would be so much closer for me. I already have a date though.
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    Someone on the Excelsior Peer Network CPNE board was offered a date there at the end of March ... sounds like it's the "grand opening" weekend!
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    Wonder if that's a good or bad thing being the first time. Wonder if I could change my location to there.

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