Massachusetts RN to BSN online?

  1. 0 All of the schools outside of Massachusetts (which I am a resident of) are too expensive per credit. So, I am wondering what schools are within Massachusetts and offer online RN to BSN?
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    A quick search on "RN-BSN Online Massachusetts" yielded this link:
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    I've heard about Exelsior College through this site. Might want to take a peek at them if you're already an RN.
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    Ditto above posts. I am an RN in MA (jobless). I have enrolled in the Excelsior MSN program, but I had checked on the state schools too. UMASS Boston has resumed their RN-BSN online program, UMASS Amherst and Dartmouth have programs as well. I don't know if UMASS Lowell does. Check out Curry College in Milton and Plymouth, altho they are a little pricey.

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