LVN online programs?

  1. 0 Hi Can Someone Direct Me As To Which School Offers On Line Lvn Classes I Do Not Have Any Lpn Degree/certificate
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    Please Help Me Find On Line Lvn Program
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    Quote from KARINEIV
    Please Help Me Find On Line Lvn Program
    Deaconess college of nursing located in St.Louis. There are a few on here that did the program. Do a search of Deaconess and you will find some info on it. One person just recently graduated...look on this board on congrats Cheri and you can private message her. That is the only on-line LVN/PN program I know of. It does require some travel and a host hospital in your area willing to allow you to do clinicals with a preceptor there.
    Good Luck!
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    Hi, would you able to get any info for the online LVN schools? I live in Texas. Currently finishing pre-reqs at community college. Thanks.
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    i am also looking for online lvn program? do this online program work good?
    please let me know about this.
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    I don't know where you are located, but Minnesota has a nice LPN program. The lectures are online and clinicals are done in person. You can check them out at
    Good luck.
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    I have never heard of a totally online LPN program.
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    Deaconess was the only online program. It required on campus attendance at various times for clinical experience. However, that program was discontinued after Deaconess was sold to a for profit company. There are now programs in Texas and other places, but none of them are totally online. Each program still requires attendance for clinicals.
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    Also make sure that your state accepts them because I know for a fact that California wont accept that education for licensure as a Vocational Nurse. I happened to be reading the BVNPT when I came across that information. Good Luck

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