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  1. kgurpreet

    UTA Spring 2012

    Hey,, I just applied for jan. 2012 BSN AP program. I got credit for all 4 science course from my previous studies. I have 3.85 GPA so far. And I am unpartnered. What do you think about my chances of getting in?? I am very nervous? Do HESI score count too??
  2. kgurpreet

    HESI A2 score calculation

    Hi I just took HESI A2 exam and did not do very good. My score in 4 sections are 76%, 76%, 91% and 88%. Can you please tell me how to calculate score. My school need 300 or more. Thanks
  3. Hi, They will accept the better grade from 2 GPAs. Better HESI score will increase your chances to get into the program. Good luck:)
  4. Congratulations to you. I am interested in this program. I thought this program was 18 months long. Is this self paced or what? How many pre requisites are there? Can you do your pre requisites at any other college because uta is expensive? I will really appreciate your big help. Thanks
  5. kgurpreet

    How to open a nurse aide training school in texas

    Thanks for information. I am not going to teach the students for cna training. I will hire the staff for that, sure RNs.
  6. Hi I am a new cna. I want to start my own nurse aide training school in dallas, tx. Can anybody please let me know, How to get started? How much money i need? Thanks so much.
  7. kgurpreet

    Can i work as a CNA before I get my certificate?

    Hi, I completed my CNA training in dec 2009. Currently preparing for state exam which is on 21st of jan. I live in dallas, tx. Can i get job in hospitals without any prevous experience? I want to continue my education and want to become a RN. And,what is the starting hourly rate for new cna? Thanks
  8. kgurpreet

    CNA hourly pay rate?

    Hi, i am a new cna, what is NOCS?
  9. kgurpreet

    CNA hourly pay rate?

    @ escapebigd where do you work? is this the pay rate for new cna or experienced cna? i am a new cna and looking for job. please let me know if there are any open positions for cna in your facility? i am also looking for weekend 12 hr shifts. is there any shift differential ? i really appreciate your help in advance.
  10. kgurpreet

    Finally got a job offer, at a great hospital!

    Hi all I just completed my cna and currently preparing for my state exam. Please let me know where to apply with no experince? Will i get job ever after passing state exam?
  11. kgurpreet

    CNA new grad

    Hi I just completed my cna training and looking for a job. Please let me know where should i apply for job with no experience. I have a doctoral degree from india and i also have associate degree in pharmacy technology from india. So medical field is not new for me. But i dont have any official experience. I am a very fast learner and always ready to learn new things. But i cant find job anywhere with no previous experience regardless of great medican field background. Please help me. Do hospitals accept new grads? Can my previous education help me getting job? I live in irving,tx. Please help me....... Thanks G.kaur
  12. kgurpreet

    NCTC LVN Online study group

    Hi Are you attending classes on campus or online? Please let me know more about online lpn program @nctc. Is it possible to do full time cna jobs along with online course? And when do you attend clinicals with online program? Thanks in advance.
  13. kgurpreet

    Pre-employment check questions

    Sorry for the mess. PLease ignore my questions.
  14. kgurpreet

    Pre-employment check questions

    Hi, I have some questions. I live in irving,tx and i recently completed my nurse assistant training. Now im preparing for texas state exam. CAn i get job before i pass the state exam in texas? Do hospitals like Baylor hire cna with no experience/new grads? Where should i strart hunting job in DFW area? CAn i get job in doctors office? IF yes, how musc they pay to no experience cna? Thanks
  15. kgurpreet

    Lvn @ Nctc

    Is this program worth $6000? How will we get the clinical experience? WIll we able to get credit transfer in future for classes we take?
  16. kgurpreet

    Lvn @ Nctc

    is nctc online lvn program worth? how long is the program? what is the cost of this program? Thanks