LPN considering EC? Q's on cost,former students pls help!!

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    I am a LPN, considering EC to bridge to RN. I am concerned about the lack of information on the excelsior website.
    I'm trying to locate former EC students to find out what their total cost was? Any help, info. would be great!

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    Two ways to keep costs down are to transfer in courses taken at other colleges to receive credit for your general ed, and go through the program as quickly as possible. After the first year, you will be charged an administrative fee to remain enrolled, around $475 each year. This can add up if you just let things slide. It is possible to do the entire program at around one year if you are motivated and keep at it.
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    Best decision ever! Did my Lpn to Rn with them. I feel that the price was a little high but over all I would do it all over again!! PM me if you have specific questions. I graduated in June 2010. Passed boards July 2010!
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    I can't help you specifically regarding nursing, but my husband is an Excelsior student getting a bachelor's in criminal justice. He really likes it--their system is easy to use, registration is pretty straightforward, and they gave him a lot of credit for courses he had taken while in the military. And he has really learned a lot; the courses aren't just give-aways like at some online schools. I would definitely recommend them to someone looking for a good online education.
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    How long did it take you to complete the program? Were you a LPN before you started it? Would like to know what you thought of the clinicals... THX for your reply! The info really helps!
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    I LOVED their program. I graduated in December 2003; LPN to RN. Cost was around $3000 to $4000, if I remember correctly. I had no problem with transferring in any classes from other colleges. The only advice is you need to be dedicated to the program. Once I buckled down and took my classes like I should have been, the whole process took me 2 years and that's working full-time. Good Luck.

    I took my clinicals in Georgia. Very challenging. I failed the first time and passed without any errors the 2nd time.
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    I am completely frustrated with Nursing Schools in general... the economy & unemployment has sky-rocketed the # of applicants. So here I am with 60 credits and a LPN "certificate" lol! I know Nur. school is the " 7th floor of haties" no matter what school you go to...I just don't want to waste time and money on something impossible. I have 6 kids..(3adopted) ..So I Cannot work the nightshift, which in a rural location is all you can find with a lpn lic.
    All the positive feedback on EC is very encouraging! Thx to all!
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    i started with ec september 2009 and passed my cpne august 2010 and graduated and became an rn in october 2010.

    i paid $1500 for all nursing exams and tutition and $2000 for my cpne. so about $3500 i paid to excelsior and my job reimbursed the whole thing.

    the cpne is nerve wracking but any body can pass it as long as they follow the cpne study guide. don't let the cpne deter you from applying. you don't even have to worry about it until you finish all your nursing exams.

    good luck!
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    I am enrolled in the program right now, I have added up the costs from start to finish for me, and since I do not have most of the required pre-req's done it will be about $6,500 to finish the entire program, but that is including the $895 enrollment fee, CPNE, all nursing and pre-req exams, I also factored in $65 for each practice examination and I allotted about $300 for books and study guides.

    I am cutting a few corners to save money by doing some CLEP exams, those are $77 a peice, I have already done my 6 credits humanities core that way and plan to also do Sociology and Human Growth and Development CLEP.

    All the books that are required I have purchased so far on Amazon.com and ebay for a fraction of the price new--I don't think I have even spent $100 yet and I have bought all the required nursing texts, but I have not yet purchased the A&P and Micro materials and CPNE study guides and kit.

    I definately think $250 for a 3 credit course is awesome, considering it's half of what I would pay at the local community college and I can do it all on my own time. So far I am very happy w/Excelsior.

    Good luck! I am hoping to be an RN by the end of this year :-)
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    application $75; enrollment $895; eight nursing exams @ $250 = $2000; FCCA $390; CPNE $2025; IF you buy practice exams @ $65 each =$520; graduation fee $495 that totals $6400. That DOES NOT include any books, study guides, webinars, seminars, workshops or any other study materials. This also doesn't take into consideration if you have ANY prerequisites to finish. IF you were to get everything online and in libraries for free and then used your practice exams to guage your progress AND you were completely cofident in your abilities to write proper careplans and pass the CPNE then that would be your cost. In reality you should add at the least another $1100 to that total for a grand total of $7500. I only say add that much because even if you get ALL the recommended books from half.com or ebay you are still going to spend a couple hundred and unless you have a site near your home to take the CPNE you may incur travel and hotel expenses and unless you are extremely confident in your abilities you may reconsider and want to take a CPNE workshop. I am just starting out myself but I hate suprises and I live in reality. I can't see how it can cost ANY LESS than this, if someone that has "been there/done that" can dispute this amount I would love to hear how they did it so I can save some money too. On the brighter side, Excelsior gives out small $250-$500 scholarships every quarter and you may be one of the lucky ones to get one. I'm hoping I am!

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