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BrewerRN has 19 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics, Lactation, Case Management.

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  1. BrewerRN

    Health Dept. pay and work enviroment

    Not sure what area of the country you are in, but that sounds about right. I am in rural NC and I am making a little more. I am a PHN II with almost 5 years experience though. I love public health. The cut in pay was well worth it. Less stress and better hours.
  2. BrewerRN

    Background of a Case Manager

    I have almost 18 years peds experience and I am working in case management for 4 1/2 years. Love it!!! I was able to sit for the exam 2 years ago and passed. I had to study a little harder in some areas becasue of my lack of experience (Medicare and Workman's Comp), but it was totally worth it. I think kapalmer is correct about needing various background. There really is no perfect background for case management. Everthing is a great fit. You can bring your own expertise.
  3. BrewerRN

    Home visits

    Check out your local health departments, rural health clinics and home health agencies for case management positions. That's how I found mine.
  4. BrewerRN

    Managing 140 to 150 patients per case load

    I do a similar program, except I am on the pediatric side. 140 to 150 patients seems overwhelming on the surface, but like the previous poster stated, spread out over 30 days, it's not bad. Most of your contact will be over the phone. You will have on average 50 or so to contact per month, depending on the client's status. Your charting will be your most time consuming thing. If you are going to be doing you charting in CMIS, it will take some getting use to, but it is pretty easier once you get the hang of it. Try not to get too hung up on the numbers.
  5. BrewerRN

    Calling All Lamaze Instructors

    I hope you're right. I soooo type "A" about studying and not being able to get a grasp on a tangible study pattern for this exam is freaking me out!!! Thanks for the reply. Say a little prayer and keep you're fingers crossed. i really don't want to have to pay for this puppy again!
  6. BrewerRN

    Calling All Lamaze Instructors

    I need some help....PLEASE! I am "studying" for my Lamaze certification exam that is scheduled for 10/26/11. I have books. I have gone through the required course and I am teaching a childbirth class, but I have no idea how to study for this exam. I have hte Official Lamaze study guide and I have tried to "study" it to no avail. Would some body please give me some direction to go in? I am no asking for specific questions, but at least an idea. This stuff seems so opinion based. I am an RN and had no problem with the NCLEX. I am a IBCLC (Lactation consultant) no problem studying for that. I also am cetified in case management again no problem, but this one has me stumped. Thaks in advance for any help and sorry in advance for my ignorance!! :)
  7. BrewerRN

    Aspiring to be a PHN

    I have been working in public health for a little over 4 years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I would NEVER go back to any other type of nursing unless forcefully dragged!!! PHN jobs are few and far between in rural NC, but in our larger areas there are a few. Good luck. I highly recommend this area of nursing!!
  8. BrewerRN

    How can I become a plastic surgery nurse?

    I worked as a PACU nurse in a plastics office for almost a year and for me to get hired I had to know someone. The surgeon did not advertise. He only hired by word of mouth. Cut down on the riff-raff I guess. BTW, a little advice, put a lot of thought into this and do some research before getting into this. I had my experience and it was not as rainbows and daisies as one would think. It also might not be the best place for a new grad. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  9. BrewerRN

    Wellcare Health

    it's in Wilmington, NC.
  10. BrewerRN

    lactation counseling in peds office

    You can only bill if baby has issue, ie failure to thrive r/t latch problems, baby has jaundice or some other dx that the MD or medical provider has diagnosed and referred to you. You won't be able to bill just for counseling on a healthy mom/baby, at least not yet. I have been an IBCLC for 5 years...welcome to my world. You can charge and they can pay privately to the office without billing insurance if you are going to counsel.
  11. BrewerRN

    Wellcare Health

    I have recently applied for a case manager position at a home health care company. I was curious to see if anyone had any experience with them? Good, bad, any advice. i am really excited about the position. it's a Baylor position and would work well with my schedule. Thanks.
  12. BrewerRN

    RN relocating to Jacksonville NC

    OMH ( Onslow Memorial Hospital) Not too bad place to work. Salaries aren't the greatest, but cost of living is pretty low around here. I live in Richlands which is a neighboring town about 8 miles away. Selling my house if you're interested!!! (hint, hint) anyway. I choose not to work in Jacksonville. I make more working in another town as an RN doing public health than I would in J'ville. I would be glad to give you a better lowdown. I moved to the area 20 years ago. Married a Marine. He got out, got a job and we never left, so it's not that bad. Fell free to email me if you like: brewer4691@embarqmail.com Good luck on the move.
  13. BrewerRN

    CCM Exam

    I passed it the first time without any difficulty. I did not think it was really that difficult. I used a study guide called CCM Exam Study Secrets. I found it on Amazon. I know it sounds a little "scammie", but that's what I used and passed. Good luck if you try again.
  14. BrewerRN

    Nurses in the path of Hurricane Irene

    I am on the coast of NC and I work public health. We are the lucky ones that are manning the shelters. So, luckily I do get to take my daughter with me since hubby's in Afghanistan. I have to just pack enough caffeine to stay awake for the next 36 hours or so. We are not suppose to sleep during our shelter shifts. Yippee! haven't pulled an all nighter like that in mmmmaaannnyyyy years!!!
  15. BrewerRN

    Does anyone....

    I love it. I have been working as a case manager for about 4 1/2 years now. Love it so much I became certified last year.
  16. BrewerRN

    RN to CLC????

    You can always put you education and training towards getting your lactation consultaing certification. I have been an IBCLC (international Board Certified Lactaton Consultant) and a RN for several years now. www.ibcle.com for the pathways for RN will show you what you need to do to complete it.