Looking for online RN to MSN (leadership) any suggestions

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    i have done a search and just cannot find exactly what i am looking for so i though maybe some here could help me..
    i am looking for a online rn- msn program with a concentration in nursing leadership and management


    rn to msn leadership program with a non nursing bachelors...

    i have looked at walden and drexel thought i might find something cheaper...i have also looked at western governors but really don't understand how that works...anyone
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    The University of North Alabama has a MSN in leadership.
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    I did my MSN via University of Phoenix, graduated in 2005 with a concentration of management and leadership.
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    University of South Alabama. They have just about every program you could want w/ the exception of a PhD. They also have an RN to MSN track. If I am not mistaken, they don't charge out of state tuition for their distance program. Here is the link:

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    txspadequeenRN-- What did you end up deciding? I'm also trying to get more information on schools like this, so anything you can share would be very much appreciated.
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    try Aspen College, they have RN-MSN with or without a BSN and it's one of the more affordable options, the admission counselors are calling before you complete the application and are very knowledgeable.