Is it ever to late to return for a BSN?

  1. I have a question, is it ever to late to return for your BSN? I've been out of nursing for several yrs. I'm much older than most of the nurses on this forum. If I returned to school, would I still have a chance at a career, or am I wasting my time?

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  3. by   Miniangel2
    Nope ,your are not late at all, do what your hearts says and in anyways you getting older n older so there's no reason to be what you really wanna be! Just stay healthy minds and hearts!
  4. by   Cathy4836
    Thank you so much for your kind words!

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  5. by   missnurse01
    always feel free to go back! are you currently a nurse? it sounds like you were and maybe let your license lapse? unless it is what you wish you aren't required to back to do your bsn, most states have other ways to return to licensure from what i have read.

    good luck with your decision! never regret something that you didn't do!
  6. by   Cathy4836
    Hi Missnurse01,
    I have a current RN license, but have not worked in nursing for many yrs. I thought getting my BSN would help me reenter the nursing field.
    I'm a diploma RN, I would need many pre-reqs. , I don't know where to start. It will cost a fortune, I'm much older than the typical student.

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  7. by   woodsyny
    Well I think it is all about what 'you want'. I will be 56 in january and have worked as an R.N. for 30 years. Started on my BSN in 1995 and quit. too many things going on in my life etc. I have decided I am done with taking care of people and want to go into education or FNP,haven't decided yet. I think by the time I am 60 I will have my masters ( I hope!) Starting back to school on the 15th of this month finishing prereq's. Now that is a little scary! we'll see how I do! Go for it!
  8. by   HHLinda
    It's never too late! I went to nursing school at 50. Graduated with ASN. Now almost finished with BSN. Considering MSN.
  9. by   missnurse01
    I would talk to a local HR department first. Most of the rn-bsn programs that I have seen either do not have any clinicals at all, or they are very focused. Mine was all community health type stuff, no hosp. So if you are thinking that will help you brush up clinical skills it won't. If you have a school in mind look at what classes you would be taking in the program.

    some areas have rn-reentry courses for nurses that have been away from the bedside. Your HR may just treat you like a new grad and give you an entire orientation. Best bet is to call them, or just go ahead and apply for jobs.

    Although there are new clinical practice things all the time, nursing is nursing. It's like riding a bike, esp if you did it at all in the past. I do not know what a reentry course would have. But brushing up on standard practices is a good idea, which you will get a lot of in orientation at hosp.

    an rn-bsn program will not necessarily give you what i think you might be looking for.

    look into it! make some calls, they will direct you. Speak to the nurse recruiter at a hosp, I am sure they would know how to best guide you.

    good luck
  10. by   Cathy4836
    Thank you missnurse01,
    Yes, that was my first thought, but I would like to further my knowledge base & maybe even go into management, etc. in the future.

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  11. by   missnurse01
    Most managers that I have known over the years had recent experience in their unit as they would understand the needs of that unit better. My current manger just got his hca masters degree as he wants to climb the management chain. I am not sure how administration chooses new managers. Have you looked at position openings to see what the requirements are? That may help guide your path. Good luck with school. Bsn was fairly easy , just a lot of busy work.

    Let us know what you decide !
  12. by   elkpark
    It is never too late to return to school. I worked a number of years ago with a supervisor who was taking classes part-time toward her BSN. She was within a year or two of retirement, and there was 0% chance it would help her career (she expected to (and did) retire before she finished the program) -- but it was important to her personally. OTOH, if your priority at this point is returning to nursing employment, I agree that a nursing "refresher course" would probably help you more with clinical skills and impressing potential employers right now.
  13. by   Cathy4836
    Yes, that is true, my problem is my age and the fact that I have been out for so long. I think the best thing would be to take my BLS, then ACLS, then some other courses to bring me up to pace again. In the future, look @ my options available to me in a BSN program.
    Does that sound like a good plan to you, missnurse01?
  14. by   missnurse01
    Miss Cathy you do whatever u need to ! Like I said I am not sure what the requirements are for whatever type of management u r looking at. If u r sure u wasn't your bsn, I would just start that now. It will take time too finish so you have plenty of time to take bls, acls, etc.

    Good luck !!

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