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I have a question, is it ever to late to return for your BSN? I've been out of nursing for several yrs. I'm much older than most of the nurses on this forum. If I returned to school, would I still... Read More

  1. by   LindaBright
    I think that a nurse, whether actively working in nursing or not, has a certain calling to the profession that can ebb and flow. But, when that "call" returns, there are tons of reasons to look at all the options. Even if you've been out of the game for a while, you still have experience and a perspective that many hospitals and medical facilities are looking for. Not all great nurses are just out of nursing school, and sometimes, life experience can count more than you know!
  2. by   Cathy4836
    Thank you to everyone who commented, I truly appreciate all your kind words. Blessings

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  3. by   mtsteelhorse
    Hey, I'm 51, just finishing up my BSN in Dec online. I have been working as a nurse steadily but I am a bit removed from hard core clinical nursing. I have applied to a couple of NP programs and was accepted to one. I'm going on...won't be finished until my mid-fifties but oh well. Lots of nurses are getting advanced degrees in their late fifies and early sixties. I plan to work a long time! Good luck to you.
  4. by   Cathy4836
    Thank you Mtsteelhorse, that's awesome

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  5. by   tokmom
    With nurses returning and staying in the workforce at more advanced years, I would say to go for it.

    I'm within months of starting my BSN through an online program. I will be 50 in 6 weeks and will be 52 ish when I finish, or maybe a bit younger, who knows, lol.

    Like you, I was thinking I was 'too old' to be going back to school. Afterall, I'm at the end of my career.

    Well, the way I figure, I have probably another 20 yrs to work! That BSN will come into good use if and when I want to climb the management ladder.

    Good luck to you.
  6. by   mtsteelhorse
    I couldn't agree more with tokmom. If you plan to work even part-time the BSN will be invaluable. I feel that even if you wanted the BSN for personal reasons alone that's enough to go on. I think of the people in their 80's completing HS or feels good to accomplish things. BTW, just found out yesterday I was accepted to the grad school of my choice for Psych NP! Forget the birthdays!