how to study for excelsior exams

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    I just enrolled with Excelsior, have finished with Chronicity and have began Repo/Maternal Health . What is the best way to study for their exams????? I have the Exam Content Guide for Chronicity , anything else?? How long does it take to get an appointment/test date with Pearson Vue, usually? How many questions are usually on the exams?
    I have my books from LPN school plus I have a lot of the Incredibly Easy books, drug and lab books, medical dictionary , DVD's from Blanchard and Loeb should this be enough resources?

    Thanks in Advance
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    As long as you can learn what's in the exam content guide, you should be good to go. I also recommend the EC practice exams -- they are worth every penny. Good luck!
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    Chronicity had 160. All the others ive taken had 130. I like to read the material in a book, then go over studygroup 101 notes, take an ec practice exam. Then go back over the material i felt weak on or didnt fully understand. If I get an 80 on my second ec practice exam I go take the test. If not, which luckily hasnt happened yet, I will study for probably another week.
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    I would also recommend the Studygroup 101 notes...they are great! I would always read the suggested book material first.
    Good luck!
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    Where do I get the Studygroup notes 101??? I looked over the website and MY EC account and saw no mention of those notes. I have finished 2 of my modules , Chronicity and Mat/Repro. , wanting to take the exams so I can start my 3rd module.

    Thanks a million on advance !
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    They're not official EC resources, but you can find them online at
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    I agree the Excelsior Practice Tests are awesome and I like how they have the rationales explaining why an answer is right or wrong. I used the content guides, lisa arends notes & study group 101 notes off ebay. I bought only a fundamentals book for reference. Good luck!!
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    I would recommend using the recommended texts as a start. After that, review books on content and study guides such as studygroup101 material help.

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