How long does it take to finish?

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    If you are an LPN or someone that took all the pre-reqs and decided to enroll in Excelsior, what is the average time you can finish all the 5-7 courses? I know this is subjective but in your own experience, how long did you finish the course?

    thanks a lot for your replies.

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    It is very individual. But you already said that. Basically as fast as you can register and take them. Some folks take an exam every month. Some every 4 weeks a few every 3 weeks.

    Just do not plan to do this with the CPNE. (the clinical performance exam) You need at least 3 months to prepare for this. A good many take 6 months to prepare for this one. Your time preparing for this is not wasted. Allow for more not less time on this one.
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    I've heard of people taking an exam every week.
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    I have too. Those people must have no kids and endless supplies of peace and quiet. I wonder how many of them work.
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    Has to be close to impossible I would think. Definitely don't think it's doable with a job and such. Probably easy to do if you pull 12 hour shifts studying. Plus you'd need a hugungous pile of cash at your disposal.

    The mafia did tell me I should be able to complete the EC program within one year. They say thats "average", but define average.
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    Originally posted by TNcanNURSE
    The mafia did tell me I should be able to complete the EC program within one year. They say thats "average", but define average.
    "The mafia":roll

    That is interesting. Why then does it take people in a traditional program two years to complete an ADN program?

    Like someone earlier posted, no other repsponsibilities and endless $$.

    I think I'd rather have a bit of a life as I go, don't you?

    By the way Agnus, how are you? Long time.

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    Exactly Opalm.

    The "2 year" ADN program usually takes 3 years with the people I've known.

    You can complete the Nursing in 2 years, but you've still got a heaping pile of prerecs.

    I think it would be extremely difficult to finish the program in one year. You couldn't break. For someone who totally did not break and took one exam every three weeks it would take about 42 weeks to finish the required courses. You'd still have the CPNE and all to go. I haven't gotten to the "hard" subjects yet, but I would think that Micro and A & P would be difficult to learn in 3 weeks.
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    All I can say is survival of the fittest....and right now, I ain't feelin' to fit.....ha ha ha......but then...I've been working 45 hours a week at the clinic, and somehow, hitting the books just isn't too appealing at the end of a long workday....I find it hard to keep myself motivated some weeks, and it's taking me a lot longer than my original gung ho self had thought it would!
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    This is exactly why I refuse to leave my high paying hell-hole of a job. I work 12/hr shifts on weekend and then my dreaded 2nd shift on Wednesdays.

    That gives me a good amount of time to do my "household" stuff and still study and of course spend way too much time on the computer.

    I think it would be extremely difficult for me if I worked 5days/wk.
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    I'm new here and just saw this thread. I was an LVN and completed my ADN via Excelsior (Then Regents College) in six months total while working full time. So it can be done if you are completely insane.

    I don't know how they work it now, but back in the late 80's I think it was seven tests and the CPNE. I took the tests three at a time and took the CPNE after a couple of months of study. I already had the gen ed requirements, so that helped.

    I've been trying to find more information as to why California is now balking-every Regent's/Excelsior grad I have met has been more than capable.


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