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I just had to stop by and tell my fellow EC alum, and current students that I have FINALLY been able to change my username from Dream_Nurse2b to DreamNurseRN!!!!! I took the NCLEX today, and... Read More

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    Thanks again everyone. It means so much to finally be in the ranks with all of you who were enrolled when I was, that reached this milestone before me!

    Quote from dblpn
    i have no motivatation to really study. i come on allnurses to get inspired. its truly and inspiration when i read the success stories from EC students.

    Whatever you do, don't give up. At times I really though that I would never get it done, always too much going on. But, I did. I did it by keeping in mind that for me (like many others) Excelsior was the only option. Despite the thoughts of those that oppose this program, it is not easy, but sometimes there is no other choice. When you take away all other options you have no choice but to see it through.

    You WILL make it!
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    I love reading the inspiring success stories, too! Thanks for sharing...
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    awesome news!!! we could be twins, regarding our ec journey~

    so very proud of you, and you inspire the rest of us to complete our journey as well, because we all have some form of obstacle...we just have to realize how to overcome, and you have. thanks for sharing and congrats rn!!! whoop~ whoop~


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    Congrats! I hope that others will find your efforts as inspiring as I do!
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