FINALLY!! Passed LS3!!!!!

  1. I got a D on LS 2 & LS 3 in December last year and almost quit but after moving to Florida and taking a little time off I decided I needed to finish what I started. I passed LS2 a few months ago, passed Micro and finally today Passed LS 3 with a C - not my best but I don't care at least I passed - C = continue!!! FCCA & CPNE here I come-I think I might be sick!!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Woo hoooo!!! Congrats, Cathy!!
  4. by   BLAKEY2005
    Congrats!Gonna start reading for this one Monday. Taking a break for a few days after LS2. Good luck on FCCA n CPNE.
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  7. by   KassieLPN2RN

    Congrats!! I'll take a C anyday!!