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    I've been studying for this darn A&P exam since the beginning of April. I originally scheduled it for April 26th, then changed it to May 1, then May 8th, now I just changed it this morning til May 14th. I've been going off the content guide and studying a lot from the A&P cd I bought from mystudygroup101. The material is broken down and it right there, which is what I like. I took the first Excelsior practice exam and got a 40%! Surely not what I was hoping for! I didn't pass the first time I took this exam. This is my last exam before I can graduate and sit for boards, so I need to pass this time!! Any suggestions on how to retain this info and get it sink in? Right now I'm really wishing I had finished that A&P2 class instead of dropping it!!

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    I think I got a 62 on the first practice exam and a 64 on the second ... nothing great, but I ended up with a B on the real thing. I bought a couple of books to help with study -- A&P Made Incredibly Easy and one of those Shaum's Outlines (very small book!). I really felt like the exam was heavy on physiology, not so much on the anatomy.

    Have you tried looking for EC A&P materials on flashcardexchange.com? I'm a big fan of flashcards!
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    Well after doing a lot of studying last week and this weekend, I took the 2nd Excelsior A&P practice exam and got a 37%. Worse then the 40% I got on the first one! I'm scheduled to take the exam this coming Wednesday morning and don't know what to do. I just want this over with but don't know if I can pass. This a&p has been h*ll for me.
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    Which areas are giving you the most trouble?
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    The whole thing?! lol j/k I don't know....some areas I did ok in on the first practice exam but not ok in the 2nd exam. Dynamics of motion I didn't do well on in either exam and regulation. Human body overview I did ok on the first exam but not the 2nd and chemical basis.
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    I did terrible on the Chemical Basis section ... terrible! I'd focus on the Integration and Reg. Mechanisms section and the Maintenance sections because those are the biggest parts of the exam.

    If you don't feel ready, why don't you push it back a week or two again? I know you hate to reschedule (I hated to reschedule Micro, but I did, like three times), but I know you're not feeling confident, and I hated going into a test feeling like that.

    Another suggestion -- go here: http://www.learnoutloud.com/Catalog/...-Podcast/18745

    I'm subscribed to the podcast through iTunes. He's a great instructor!!
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    The earliest date I can reschedule to is 3 weeks away. I hate to push it off that long. We'll see what happens i guess.
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    This was the longest I studied for any exam.I use chancellors and lisa arends.I studied 3+ months.There is a lot of info and it is worth 6 credits.What I did was break it down into small sections,study that section until I knew it well,then moved on to the next,and so on.and review each section at least once a day.I never got higher than 46% on the practice exam.but pulled out a B on the real deal!Hope this helps!:wink2:
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    Oh my goodness. I'm taking this exam in August and I absolutely dread it. Ceb65, it's good you pulled off a B on this exam after only scoring a 46% on the practice. I would have been discouraged after the practice and not take it. I'm taking A&P I & II now in LPN school but it's vocational so EC won't take it. I'm hoping I could at least PASS this exam regardless of the grade at this point. I honestly, just want to get it over with.
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    Yes,this is one exam I was thankful just to pass!When I took the practice exams I took them very early in my studies,this gave me an area of focus.This way I could spend most of my time just studying areas that I was lacking! I have used Chancellors study guides for all my exams,don't think I could do it with out them.

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