Excelsior LVN to RN program - any TEXAS grads????

  1. Has anyone from Texas completed the LVN to RN program from Excelsior? The State BON website does not list Excelsior as a recognized school, yet Excelsior is claiming otherwise on their site. There was a new bill passed by the governor last summer that supposedly recognizes Excelsior, but I can't find proof of that on the BON site.

    I don't want to waste $ and time if I can't sit for the NCLEX RN!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I live in the DFW area of Texas and I can assure you that Texas is still an Excelsior-friendly state. Many of my coworkers and colleagues around here have successfully used it as a completer program to earn their RN degrees and advance in their careers.
  4. by   txspadequeenRN
    you will not find ec listed on the texas bon site because it is a school located in new york. texas only regulates schools located in texas... the texas bon stand on out of state schools is it has to be accepted in the home state and ec is accepted in new york...

    straight from the texas bon site http://www.bne.state.tx.us/nursinged..._students.html

    "the texas board of nursing (bon) approves and regulates nursing educational programs in the state of texas. the texas bon does recognize graduates from pre-licensure nursing educational programs that are approved/accredited by other state boards of nursing as eligible to apply to take the nclex examination(s) and apply for licensure in texas."

    i can tell you 100% sure that texas recognizes ec because i am a recent grad as of 4/09 licensed by texas in 6/09
  5. by   jenniferhill1983
    Yay!!! I would still rather use my local junior college, but it feels GREAT to know I have an alternative!

    Do you remember how many clinical rotations you have to do with Excelsior? Is it just one weekend at the end of the program, or do you have to do them as the program progresses? Plano is about 2.5 hours from me so it's not a problem getting a hotel room for the weekend.
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    It's a fairly grueling clinical exam at the end of the program, and it takes place over 2.5 days. My advice is to set up an account on the EC website, then go here: https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_...ations_Request

    Download the "School of Nursing Catalog." Please read the Associates section carefully so that you know what you're signing up for! Also, there is a publication called "How Much Will Your Excelsior College Associate Degree in Nursing Cost?" that will give you a rough estimate of price.

    Also, please be aware that EC is not recognized in all states. Texas is fine with it, but if you move out of state, you might have some issues with licensure. Information is here: https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_...d_Requirements
  7. by   LA♥Nurse
    Plano CPNE site is not being used anymore. I think the only site still being used in Texas is in Lubbock.

    If you do choose to go through Excelsior, you will probably need to take A&P and Microbiology at a local college...I checked with a college in TX before I started Excelsior, and they told me TX requires labs to sit for NCLEX-RN. (I live in LA, few miles from state line and a lab portion is not required for ASN)
  8. by   txspadequeenRN
    good point... i had all my pre-classes done at the community college so i didn't even check into that...

    Quote from danamichelle

    if you do choose to go through excelsior, you will probably need to take a&p and microbiology at a local college...i checked with a college in tx before i started excelsior, and they told me tx requires labs to sit for nclex-rn. (i live in la, few miles from state line and a lab portion is not required for asn)
  9. by   jenniferhill1983
    Thanks so much for the info! You guys cleared up a lot of questions I had!!!
  10. by   americangirl7719
    I also graduated from EC. I would not change it for the world. As long as you are enrolled by 2013, you should not have any trouble. You may PM me if more information is needed. Best wishes
  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    why 2013???

    Quote from americangirl7719
    i also graduated from ec. i would not change it for the world. as long as you are enrolled by 2013, you should not have any trouble. you may pm me if more information is needed. best wishes
  12. by   christy78
    Just called BON to clear up about labs, they said as long as you complete the required curriculum for your out of state program and it is a recognized program (which excelsior is) you CAN sit for the NCLEX it does not matter whether your science classes have labs or not, on the other hand all in state Texas programs require labs and that's why the college you called; said you needed them. I requested an email record of the conversation be sent for my records. When I receive it I will post it for verification; hope that helps.
  13. by   americangirl7719
    From EC's website...

    " July 2009...It is my pleasure to be the bearer of good news. Legislation has been passed in Texas that retains recognition of our nursing programs and its graduates in the state.
    Earlier this year we informed you of concerns being expressed by the Texas Board of Nursing (Board) about the qualifications of our graduates for licensure as RNs in the state. We asked for your assistance in contacting state legislators. You responded quickly and with compelling reasons why Excelsior’s nursing program should be considered “substantially equivalent” to the standards established by the Board.

    In late May, both houses of the Texas Legislature passed HB 3961 which includes language guaranteeing licensure of our graduates through at least December 31, 2017. On June 22, 2009 Governor Perry signed the legislation into law."

    The bolded date is what I was referring to. This is the date that the issue of EC and nontraditional schools will be reevaluated. Thanks
  14. by   americangirl7719
    Agreed. I took an exam for micro w/o labs and still sat for NCLEX. Best wishes