Excelsior and California Anyone?

  1. Hi there! I am fully aware of the case by case scenario regarding California's Board of Nursing and Excelsior. However, I am curious as to know if one were to obtain their RN licensing through Excelsior, but pursued higher learning (BSN or MSN) from a different college or university, would that be a problem or would the primary school you attended for passing the NCLEX-RN be the issue? I have made contact with the BON and no teddy bear.

    Currently, I have about 5 more months of fun in LPN school left and passing with flying colors. I fully intend on continuing my journey in nursing with a possible chance of obtaining my MSN *if luck and prayers work out in my favor*. I am originally from California but live in Florida and I want to explore my options beforehand so I know what obstacles or dead ends that may lie ahead. Thanks in Advance and Happy Nursing!!!!
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Believe me, I wish I had better news to deliver but that wont even be an option either as the BRN in CA is a big FAT tight wad. Your best bet is to go through an online program in Florida that has clinicals if they offer it. It's the lack of clinicals that the BRN is using as an excuse to ban Excelsior graduates and keep the locals of CA applying to the severely impacted nursing programs in the state.
  4. by   Nurse_AngelaNV2CA
    I think the CA BRN needs to clean house and put people that know what they are doing. I called them the other day and wasn't able to get through. I emailed them and was told that they don't accept Excelsior period. I was shocked so I asked about endorsement with my Nevada license and they said no.
  5. by   elkpark
    In any state, the BON looks at and cares about what school you attended to get your basic, original nursing education that made you eligible for licensure. Returning to school to complete a BSN or graduate degree doesn't change that (because the additional degrees have nothing to do with your basic RN licensure -- you don't take another test or get a different license after you complete a BSN). So, if one originally becomes eligible for licensure through Excelsior, one will be an Excelsior graduate forever for licensing purposes. Nothing you do later will change that, except to go back and complete a different basic, pre-licensure RN program (and I'm just speaking hypothetically here, not suggesting anyone would or should do this -- just saying that's the only thing that would change one's "status"). That's true in any state for any school, but it matters more, in the case of Excelsior, in CA.
  6. by   Nurse_AngelaNV2CA
    But according to the CA BRN as an Excelsior graduate we are not eligible for licensure. So what if I gain my license through NV and then return to get my RN-BSN that has a clinicals. I am wondering if CA will license me since we will be out in CA for a minimum of 4 years.
  7. by   elkpark
    Quote from AngelaLPNtoRN
    But according to the CA BRN as an Excelsior graduate we are not eligible for licensure. So what if I gain my license through NV and then return to get my RN-BSN that has a clinicals. I am wondering if CA will license me since we will be out in CA for a minimum of 4 years.
    Your best bet would be to contact the BRN directly, but I'm guessing that would not make a difference, since the BSN completion program will not have clinicals in med-surg, peds, OB, and psych (concurrent with the theory portion of the program, which is the BRN's requirement for other schools and their beef with Excelsior). BSN completion programs require you to be a licensed RN to be eligible and do not cover any basic, pre-licensure nursing content or clinicals.
  8. by   caliotter3
    The CA BRN, like some other nursing boards in the nation, is full of hot air. For years and years, the Excelsior nursing program was good enough for people to obtain a CA RN license. It did not become "subpar" in the twinkle of an eye like they would have the public believe. But I can certainly make commentary about the job performance of many people I have met along the way with CA licenses who were educated elsewhere. Leaves much to be desired, and one ponders what the thought process is with the CA BRN in granting licenses. Not logical at all.
  9. by   Nurse_AngelaNV2CA
    Caliotter are you an Excelsior student or graduate?

    I already had rotations in peds, psych, ob, and med surg with my LPN program. I know I was not allowed to do things that RN students were allowed to do. But I do not get the point in the CA BRNs decision that my education is not approved. There are room for clinicals if I use another state like Washington or Colorado that require extra clinicals after the CPNE is completed and can be done before graduation.
  10. by   Pixie.RN
    Angela, if you want to practice in California, Excelsior is not a good option unless you're going to be working for a Federal entity in California. This decision was made in 2003, and as far as I know, the CA BRN has not deviated from it. They have licensed people I know personally as late as last year who had maintained continuous enrollment with Excelsior from the cut-off date in 2003, but I have yet to hear of anyone who enrolled after that date in 2003 who had success in endorsing their license.
  11. by   caliotter3
    I unsuccessfully was in the Excelsior program twice. I had to withdraw while awaiting the CPNE the first time when I lost my job and my home. About a decade later I enrolled again and could not get it together due to health problems, work problems, and serious personal problems, among other things. I could not get the money for my last attempt at the CPNE. My deadline came and went on Dec. 31, 2010, so while I am well versed in the Excelsior program, I spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time without graduating. It is a good and viable program for those who are successful, and for those who are unsuccessful, at least it was a chance.
  12. by   caliotter3
    I have had all the clinicals for a BSN program, so the CA BRN has nothing on denying me licensure with Excelsior. Furthermore, I am eligible for licensure as a nongraduate, but for some strange reason someone with a name I can't spell or pronounce at the Board denied my application to take the NCLEX years ago. They ignored all of my attempts at followup. I guess I need to phony up some documents from a foreign "nursing" program.

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