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I am starting this thread for everyone just starting with EC, especially the pre-req's. How are ya'll planning to do them with EC courses, EC exams, CLEP exams, or Dantes exams? I am planning on clepping human growth and... Read More

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    Quote from G-BOZ
    The college network man was feeding you a bunch of junk, remember he is a salesman, to all please dont get fooled into signing contracts with bad companies like rue, chancellors, college network etc. You can buy the study guides on ebay for a cheap price, and you can also download the free EC content guides for free. These publishing companies are after your money.
    My sentiments exactly! Beware of the publishers....
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    I have just applied to EC for my LPN-ASN degree. I currently work in a DDRC. It sounds as though the clinical section is more of a LPN review. I had to pass injections, sterile dressing change, suction, catheterization, etc. to pass my PN classes. Is this correct, or is there more to it?
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    Ok So I Just Had A Meeting With The College Network And To Me It Also Sounded Like Just A Expensive Publisher. How Much Does The Ec Program Cost? Would You Recomend Gonig Through Ec On My Own Or Doing The College Network First? With Me Having 2 Kids At Home And One On The Way And A Husband Who Works Odd Hours Its Hard For Me To Have To Do Classes At A College And I Would Rather Do An Online Program If Possible. Any Advice On Programs Or Colleges Would Be Of Great Great Help! Thanks
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