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I have read a lot of information over the years about people going to EC. One very common issue that comes up quite often are discussions about the various companies that offer some type of study... Read More

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    I'am taking my cpne this weekend.
    Leo2, good luck this weekend! Let us know how it goes for you!!
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    i have read a lot of information over the years about people going to ec. one very common issue that comes up quite often are discussions about the various companies that offer some type of study materials and in some cases actual classes. up front let me say that this is just my opinion and i expect and respect that others will differ. having said that....

    don't do it!!!!!!! theses companies are rip offs! they charge hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars and they are absolutely not necessary.

    first and foremost at issue are the study guides. i went to ec. i bought the books they recommended. these are the standard texts. my friends at the local community college used many of the same texts. if you don't want to buy them from ec, just use amazon and save some cash. i read every page they said to read. not just once, but at least twice, sometimes three times. although, by the third time, i will admit i was just skim reading/reviewing. point is i went over all of the material.

    for any given nursing concepts module for ec there are hundreds of pages of reading. sounds like a lot right? because it is! there is a lot to learn about in nursing! how many questions are there in a nc exam? 125? 150? so out of 500 pages or more of reading only 150 questions are asked. so how much material, important material, is not covered in an exam? you guessed it: a lot. so people think: i can read a study guide that only covers what i need to know. well, that is only part of the sentence. it might cover what you need to know pass a test, but they don't cover what you need to know to be professional, educated rn. i hear lpns and paramedics say all of the time there is not much difference between the training. uh...yes there is: it is the depth of knowledge that makes an rn different from an lpn and paramedic. now maybe that is not apparent in some areas of the hospital, but in a busy icu or er where the patients are complicated, you bet, depth of knowledge counts.

    we scream bloody murder about what is going on here in georgia and then turn around and want to know about more shortcuts. do you get what i am saying? you need to know the material that ec suggest that you read so when you show up to work at your rn job you will have the same depth of knowledge that the brick/mortar guys do. not to mention that when you go on to get your bsn, or even your msn you will be much better prepared and able to keep up with your classmates. when the doctor and nurse comes into the room of one your loved ones, like say your child or spouse, would it comfort you to know they only read about 1/10 of the material they needed to cover in school?

    not only will you learn more about nursing as you read the material, but your reading, comprehension, speaking, and writing skills will all improve. that is very important because it will help increase your professional image and build internal and external confidence, and again, help to build a foundation for future coursework no matter what direction you choose.

    the next issue is structure. people say they like to take the classes because they need the structure. then go to a traditional school. take out the loans, go to a community college, and enroll. waiting list you say? then wait! you will eventually become a nurse. it might take a year or two longer, but that is okay. the only difference will be that didn't spend thousands of dollars for someone to teach 1/10 of what you need to know as a nurse.

    third and last issue: cost. rip off! rip off! yes i said it. i know some will say i went to this company and i couldn't have passed without them and they were so nice and willing to work with me. my response would be: yes, you could have passed without them...i am sure they were very nice...for that kind of dough, i would work with you too. i know of people who are spending more than 3000 dollars for these classes. that is crazy!!!! keep your hard earned money and just sit your bottom at home and read, read, read! when you have questions just ask someone. either at work or here the help is available.

    sorry if this is kind of harsh, i am truly not trying to offend anyone, but in light of the current events in georgia where the quality of ec nurses is in question i find this to be disappointing.

    good luck and god bless,
    :d thank you so much for this great advice!!!
    i will be taking 3 exams from ec probably next jan or for the summer because it is part of my rn-bsn curriculum, and i get very nervous for these types of tests that the prep-companies sometimes look really good to me to ease my nerves.
    hey "i passed with kaplan!"--- but probably i could of passed without them too-- but i took it to help me control these nerves that i get when i take very important tests.

    i plan to study my old study guides from when i was in nursing school the "reviews and rationales" series. that is what was recommended to me from the counselor at school-- and it's great because i already own them!

    thanks for putting in the time, sharing your notes (in sticky) and giving us newbies advice!:wink2: