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    Hi Everyone,
    Will someone please debunk the myth that hospitals do not accept online BSN degrees? If this is in fact true, why?

    Thank you!!

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    Are you talking about an RN-BSN bridge program?
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    Last I heard, if you have you are licensed to work in your state, it should not matter where you went to school. However, some online schools are not accredited and the state BON will not accept them--meaning they will not permit you to sit for the NCLEX or if you have a license, will not allow you to work in their state.

    I am enrolled in a recognized online distant learning nursing program --LPN to BSN--and it is the only school accepted by my state BON. I do not anticipate any problem with the BON or with employers. In fact, the university is recognized for offering a quality program--far more rigorous than the brick and mortor schools.
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    Yes, AS to BSN. But, I have heard that some employers do not accept this type of degree. I'm not sure why.
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    I guess I'm having a problem with your terminology ... what do you mean by "accepting?" In what context? Do you mean recognizing that a nurse has a BSN? If a school is regionally and nationally accredited, then hospitals have no business not recognizing a degree, period.
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    I would be surprised if your degree wasn't accepted as long as the school was accredited. Increasingly, nurses are earning degrees through on-line schools. It's more efficient than trying to juggle work, family and attendance in a classroom. Most of the nurses I work with are getting degrees on-line. I can't think of any in the last a few years that actually went to class in a classroom.

    Many on-line degrees assume you are already working full-time and in fact will often expect you to use the knowledge you have gained at work.

    It's a great way to go and I would encourage it .
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    Thanks for the help!! It makes sense that they would only discourage the online degrees if it were not accredited. This will help me with my decision!!
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    Hey Ginger. Also look around at different programs. Programs vary in cost by tens of thousands and there's no need to go into debt if you can avoid it.

    Good luck with your decision!
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    Hi Hiker,
    I was thinking about going to CSU Dominguez Hills, because they have an online program. It's a CSU so fees should be around 12K. I wanted a private college, but its 40K (ranked in the top 100 on US News.!!! I don't know if it's worth going through a BSN program that is 40K, especially if I want to go to grad school. What are your thoughts? An expensive BSN program that is nationally ranked, or CSUDH which is around #300.

    Also, what is with the clinical experience? Is it mandated by the state to have clinical hours for a RN to BSN track? It seems like some schools have it and others don't.
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    Sorry, I forgot to ask if grad schools care about the undergrad school you attended. Are they more likely to accept me if I went to a nationally ranked school? What do they base their decision on other than GPA?

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