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CSUDH RN-BSN online - page 3

Hello, I'm about to finish my ADN this Dec, and I am planning on completing my BSN ASAP. I just found out I was accepted into cal-state dominguez hills' RN-BSN program. I'm currently trying to... Read More

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    How easy is it to get into CSUDH RN-BSN. One of my kids will start 2nd RN program at LBCC and looking to apply to CSULB, LA, DH, FULLERTON, and SB. I think mostly it should be pretty easy. LBCC and CSULB has partnership and well.

    How is DH RN-BSN program in terms of quality and supportive professors?
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    How did it go since it has been a few years?

    My kid has 1 more year at LBCC ADN and thinking about either CSULB RN-BSN, or CSUDH online route?
    We are concerned about CSUDH reputation and career advancement VS CSULB repulation but traditional RN-BSN on campus and clinical.