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So nervous! Thanks everyone, you are all very supportive and I love your stories of your experiences! I know I can do this!!! :redbeathe:nurse: I will keep in touch after this horrid weekend is over!... Read More

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    Quote from hotnurse84
    I'm probably going to pay and sign up in the next week. And while I'm waiting for a date study careplans and keep memorizing all my mneumonics for my grid(actually I'll probably never forget those, they r ingrained in my head...lol) but I need to look into this careplan class of sherri's or excelsior's ccareplan class. See which might be best for me. But I won't accept a date too soon. I'm thinking end of may if I could. Id like to not forget a thing that I did this weekend, I know what to expect, and what they expect of me.
    What is Excelsior's careplan class? I didn't even know they have one! I swear, I need to start writing things down as we go....Way to stay on track with signing up!! Use this experience as a learning tool & think of the advantages you will have for next time!

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