Completely online ASN degree that I found.,

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    Ok I am a RN and now my husband wants to be one too. So while searching for a school I found an online school called "Must University" And it cost less than 6k to do and a year to complete. Is this too good to be true? Anybody heard this? Its accredited by Accreditation Organization (IAO). Not sure about this. Input anyone??

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    I doubt any state will allow students to sit for Nclex without a clinical component. The wording on the website is fishy too. I just did a live chat session asking about clinical portion the answer I got was very short - like "yes there is" and the guy disconnected then.
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    WOW, yeah, that funny cause same thing happened to me too. I was asking about the clincials and poof he was gone too! Sounds shady!!
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    below is my conversation with the operator few mins ago. looks fishy to me....

    please wait for a site operator to respond.

    all operators are currently assisting others. thanks for your patience. an operator will be with you shortly.

    you are now chatting with 'ken baker'

    angel: hello
    ken baker: hi , how may i assist you with enrollment ?
    angel: i am interested in your nursing program
    angel: would i be able to take the nclex-rn when i complete the program
    angel: ?
    ken baker: yes
    ken baker: absolutley
    ken baker: are you looking to enroll today ?
    angel: i am still researching the program
    angel: is there a clinical portion?
    ken baker: yes
    ken baker: at the later part
    angel: where do i do them?
    ken baker: will be arranged to nearest possible area to your locaality
    angel: oh ok
    angel: i am trying to find a brochure of this nursing program in the website
    angel: can you direct me to one?
    ken baker: click on request program guide
    angel: i am an lpn, would you accept some of the nursing classes i took?
    ken baker: yes
    angel: so all states in the us would let me sit for the nclex-rn including california?
    ken baker: yes
    angel: ok thanks. let me go ahead and click that request program guide. thank you ken.
    ken baker: you welcome
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    If this school is legit then wow I found the golden pot but I am thinking they sound too good to be true.
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    i downloaded the program guide. it is very vague. i don't know. i don't think this program is legit.
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    i just tried to do some research on this school, when you type it in google alot of reviews come up matching saying it's a scam. It sounds, if they are in fact accredited then I'd be interested.
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    It says their accredited by IAO which is the international accreditation organization (which I never heard of) and they have no physical address neither does IAO. Sounds very fishy........
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    it's a scam people!!!! beware!!!!!

    check this link:
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    I would be concerned completing your asn with this school, but what I want to know is, if your already a licensed RN and you do their rn-bsn program, will it matter if their not accredited by the proper organizations.

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