Azusa Pacific Online: Pre-Nursing Certificate

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    Has anybody gone through this program and does anybody know where this certificate is accepted. I do not want to check with admissions of a million schools just to know where 4 classes would be accepted. If you have gone through this program, or know of somebody who did, it would help me decide if this is for me.

    I may end up doing a different program, but I would like my questions answered please, even if its just a "I don't know". Thank you!
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    National is on the fence. I want to take the online preres too.
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    The school is regionally accredited, so credits should transfer easily -- in theory. The only issue is that they are online, and some schools may have an issue with online sciences that come with online labs. It is also very expensive! $6800 for four classes? I paid about that much for my entire ADN program. You are probably better off checking with your local community colleges for these classes -- a lot of CCs have online options these days. You might also be taking classes through this program that aren't required for nursing programs, like chemistry -- not sure if that's a big pre-req.
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    Hi Scurbro, were you able to get anymore info on where these clases are accepted? I'm also looking for more info on Azusa Pacific Online University Pre-nursing Certification classes. They offer on-line health sciences with a lab packet. I'm also curious to learn more about the Associates Degree in Health Sciences that APOU offers. I'll schedule a few appointments with counselors to inquire if these online health science classes will be accepted for their nursing programs, but I too would like to know if anyone has already done some of the footwork and looked into this, your insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Hi there, Has anyone ever found out if those classes have be able to be transferred to a CC? I am suppose to start the classes soon, but having a hard time with the cc's telling me if they are accepted or not. They are all so busy. Any info will help.