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Blonde bombshell Amy Toliver leads a double life to fulfill an incredible dream. The Phoenix resident sheds her clothes several times each week nightly at “iCandy Burlesque” in Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops and at the new... Read More

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    Quote from Esme12
    I couldn't disagree more.....I think hospitals and the BON have become less tolerant and are more than happy to enforce whatever morality clause they wish. They have become highly selective and many drug test for drugs and nicotine and will not hire them.

    I think she may find this public display of her employment in the public eye and social media...a poor choice.
    As always I will bow to your judgement on these matters and stand corrected.
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    ....no bowing necessary only scraping..... (just kidding).

    I have been a nurse a long time......I can for see in my crystal potential problems for this young lady in the future. She could be a card carrying member of Mensa but I don't think that will help....in some instances.

    Is it right? No.....Will it happen? Probably....sigh
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    Quote from mariebailey
    Esme, certain mental illnesses are protected by the ADA.
    I agree as are most other disabilities....but that doesn't mean it is easy to prove that a hospital discriminated against you for they know exactly how to document to void a lawsuit, procuring a lawyer is cost prohibitive and they take very few pro-bono discrimination cases. As a sufferer of an auto-immune muscular disorder that "hid it" for many years....trust me when I say hospitals discriminate and nurses discriminate even more.

    What most nurses do not know is that there are states that make mental illness and substance issues for licensed individuals....mandatory reported issues. The BON then decided treatment, working and licensing "fitness" and can refusing licensing, monitor the licensee,and place restrictions on licenses all without the licensee/patients knowledge...until they are notified by the board of course.....all for the protection of the public.

    Just because you have a protected disability status doesn't mean the hospital has to hire you....or accommodate your disability.....I speak from personal experience.

    Many hospitals have morality clauses and so do the state boards. IMHO....I think she will regret her public profile in the near future.....I pray that I am wrong.
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    Hopefully, by the time she starts her job search, no one will even remember the article. Hospitals can find all kinds of reasons to terminate or not to hire....and that individual will never know the real reason. Wrong, yes, but this happens all the time. Definitely not wise to broadcast your extra cirricular activities, that's for sure.
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    I don't think this is bad at all. She's not a stripper in a dingy place near a truck stop. She's a dancer in a burlesque show. Big difference.

    I do think she's a little unrealistic about her future though. She wants to be a travel nurse after graduation and then go into the army? Not gonna happen. She could go straight into the Air Force for some good trauma training and then travel though.

    Good for her! She's got a lot if debt to pay down.

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    I've read the article, and I noticed this, too. She will find that nursing isn't as easy to break into as she thinks, especially travel nursing.
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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    ...According to persons one knows there are even former "working girls" that have become nurses.
    As nursing jobs are tight in many areas, one could wonder how many have done it the other way around.
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    Really -- this individual chooses a line of work that some will find unsavory, happily discusses it with the media -- and some of you believe that this will have zero effect on her professional future?

    I might have some swampland to sell ya ...
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    I think her displaying it publicly would be a bad idea, but once a company does a background check they will find out anyways! I use to dance and even had a dancers permit through the state so I am sure they saw that during the background check. It hasnt decreased any of my possibilities. I had the same issues most new grads had and honestly I have had several job interviews and a couple offers.
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    If she's not breaking any law and she's willing to accept the consequences (if any) of her actions, then more power to her!

    I just hope that her dancing career won't impede either her licensure or her job hunt when she graduates...then again, it is Las Vegas and maybe the employers have a somewhat more liberal attitude towards these things than other areas of the country.

    Whatever and wherever she is, she's an adult and made her choices, so she'll have to deal with the ramifications. Best of luck to her.

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