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TN BON decides tomorrow

  1. 3 I'm a nervous wreck! I completed my BSN in May and applied to take the NCLEX, but my past criminal history (2 driving on revoked in 1996 and a failure to appear in 2009) have caused my application to go before a board for review. The failure to appear charge was for a misdemeanor that was dismissed, a mistake that I explained in my self letter to the BON. I talked with a person from the BON yesterday, and she told me that my application was going for review tomorrow (Jul 24) at 10am.
    I want to be hopeful, but so many threads with poor outcomes, it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude. The lady at the BON said she should know by 1pm tomorrow, so I will try to post the outcome. Wish me luck, and a few prayers wouldn't hurt either. I have worked so hard for this; it seems surreal that all my hard work may have been in vain.
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    Good luck! I really think that it should go in your favor as they are traffic related offences, but not being from TN, I have no idea how tough their BON is on past criminal charges.
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    Good luck!! I hope they rule in your favor.
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    Good luck!
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    Why was your DL revoked? Did you explain that to the BON? I'm sure they want to know.
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    Good luck! Hope everything turns out for you.
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    What happened?
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    Just spoke with the BON lady and my application to test was approved!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders! Now I really gotta get studying for that NCLEX. Thanks for all the good wishes and support!
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    I was approved to test for my RN license! I'm so relieved!
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    I had an at-fault accident when I was a kid and didn't have insurance. I told them EVERYTHING except what color socks I had on when I wrecked, and all about the failure to appear, too. I highly recommend being as upfront as possible when applying!
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    Our nursing school conducted a background check before you were allowed to enroll, for just this situation. They did not want to educate someone who would be ineligible for a license. I sincerely hope things went your way!
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    My nursing school conducted a background check as well. They told me it wouldn't be a problem, but it sure turned into one once the BON got involved.
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    Congratulations, Abbsy! I can imagine you're pretty darn stoked about all of it. Study like crazy and get that RN..