Speeding Ticket on Background Check

  1. Hi yall,

    I had an issue come up today that I wanted some opinions on. I am a new grad nurse and was going to begin my first RN job on Monday. Today is Friday and I got a call from that hospital (which I am relocating to) telling me my background check didn't clear because I have an open court date. I explained that the court date was for my speeding ticket which I am fighting and they insisted that I cannot start work until after the court date is taken care of. Is this normal? It's just a speeding ticket going 9 over. Thanks!
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  3. by   kiszi
    Sounds a little extreme, but they can make whatever rule they want.

    I'd pay it and be done with it. You'll make up for it by starting work that much sooner.
  4. by   Nurserosie18
    I got it all taken care of today but it still won't clear the background check by Monday when in supposed to start. They said I might be able to start mid week or I might have to wait until the next orientation at the end of March.
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    That sucks, but it's not surprising. If you want to start ASAP pay the ticket.
  6. by   morte
    so, we need to give up our rights of due process to get a job, geesh.