Speeding Ticket on Background Check

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    Hi yall,

    I had an issue come up today that I wanted some opinions on. I am a new grad nurse and was going to begin my first RN job on Monday. Today is Friday and I got a call from that hospital (which I am relocating to) telling me my background check didn't clear because I have an open court date. I explained that the court date was for my speeding ticket which I am fighting and they insisted that I cannot start work until after the court date is taken care of. Is this normal? It's just a speeding ticket going 9 over. Thanks!

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    Sounds a little extreme, but they can make whatever rule they want.

    I'd pay it and be done with it. You'll make up for it by starting work that much sooner.
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    I got it all taken care of today but it still won't clear the background check by Monday when in supposed to start. They said I might be able to start mid week or I might have to wait until the next orientation at the end of March.
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    That sucks, but it's not surprising. If you want to start ASAP pay the ticket.
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    so, we need to give up our rights of due process to get a job, geesh.
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