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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a post and document what Im going thru so others who might find themselves in a similar situation have some insight. I recently graduated with my BSN in December 2012 from a nursing program in the... Read More

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    While combing through threads for hours…..because that's what you do when you are first processing the possibility of a huge roadblock to your dream……I did find an instance in GA….26 years previous and it was held up forever because of lack of documentation. That's my biggest fear…..that I won't have enough "evidence" of rehabilitation. Also, back then the penalties were not as harsh, and it may look as though I was given a light sentence………..around $400 in fees, 32 hours of community service and maybe 8 meetings of some sort…..I honestly can't recall everything. I was 19 years old, but the drinking age was 18 in Louisiana at the time, so I want to explain that it was not underage drinking.

    I did call the CA BRN first thing and was told that I need to get the court documents. So, I called the courts in New Orleans and they had closed 30 minutes prior and won't be open on Monday because of MLK.

    After freaking out a little yesterday at the potential ramifications, i called some good friends (some of them nurses) for a little perspective. I will continue talking with the BRN and will get any and all documentation that is needed (or prove that it is unavailable)….I will be remorseful instead of "hey this happened ages ago"…..I will understand that it may take extra time, but it's my own fault. The most reassuring thing I heard yesterday was……."God didn't open all of these doors just to slam them in your face." I have to turn it over to Him, while at the same time being diligent in going through the steps to successfully take care of this matter. Oh, and concentrate on doing well in my student clinical preceptorship starting this Monday.

    I hadn't revealed my DUI to my teenagers, but did so yesterday as a lesson as to "your actions today may affect you in years to come."

    Thanks for the advice………I'm going to hold off on the lawyer until I see what info I can get from New Orleans and talk with the BRN again. For future reference: What was the name of the organization for nursing attorneys?


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    Quote from Meriwhen
    Jillyfreeze: I remember seeing it quite a while ago, and of course I can't find it for you :/ I'll keep looking for it.

    The odds are probably in your favor, IMO: if that was your only offense, it was expunged, and you kept your nose clean for nearly 3 decades, it's possible that the BON may understand that you may not have access to these documents. Or they may be more lenient than CA is when it comes to DUIs and/or since it's been so long since you had yours.

    But then again I can't speak for the BON.

    Get together what you do have and seek a lawyer's advice as to how to proceed. You may also want to ask the BON's advice about how you should handle this--after all, you're eventually going to have to tell them--but keep in mind that they probably won't give an official answer until you actually apply.
    OK….I'm tired (started staying up later and later to transition to nights, but having trouble sleeping in).

    Meriwhen……I see the organization from your earlier post……so thank you!

    Also, I am in California……it's just that my DUI was in New Orleans. It may make it harder to get the info if I'm not there is person…….

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