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  1. HopeRules

    Multiple Convictions Success Story

    Congratulations on this amazing achievement. It makes me concerned that you have such outstanding recommendations and achievements that other people may not have in their corner. For example, I don't have hours at a trauma center or hours in underserved areas, etc. This gives you a lot of edge that doesn't provide me comfort. No offense to you - I appreciate that you are desiring to give others hope which is admirable. Will you please PM me or post what you did in fact provide for the BRN. Thank you for letting us know that you didn't provide an addiction eval. Did you provide some other evidence that would cover this area? Thank you.
  2. HopeRules

    Nursing School and a DUI

    Get it expunged. Otherwise it may impede your ability to be accepted at clinical sites. It will also help you with jobs in the future. Use the maximum legal remedies your state allows. It looks responsible to the board and it will increase your ability to attain a license without restrictions. Also, keep any legal paperwork like copies of dismissals, etc. I don't know what you mean about a letter. The letter may be to the BON. Anything specific to your school should be addressed to your school. Go to your BON site and read what they want and don't leave anything out for your best shot.
  3. Joacas, No one else can answer your question. It is your decision. If you are applying in Florida I think you will have an easy time getting your license. It really depends on the state. California is known to be among the worst. If your DUI was a misdemeanor, no bodily harm, no aggravating circumstances (like an ETOH level above .15), no property damage, etc. you shouldn't have a hard time. You should look at your board's website for answers. Florida has a chart on their website. If this is the only issue you have and nothing I mentioned previously you should not have a problem based on my knowledge. This is *not* legal advice but I think that if you can you should get it expunged. This is very important in terms of clinical and jobs in the future. You need to ask your school whether or not it will be a problem. Although in theory your pharm tech (license?) should help I know people in Cali. who have occupational licenses and it hasn't stopped them from getting denied. However, that is Cali., not Florida. Florida is not as strict as Cali. Best of luck!
  4. HopeRules

    Denied R.N. License after NCLEX

    Agree that OP should wait the three months. It's really no time at all. Disagree it is "deceitful". The only way it is deceitful is if the OP lied about it. The OP has said he/she disclosed it. Absolutely not deceitful. It is looking at legal options. Kudos to you OP for having the guts to think outside of the box. This person may have a family to feed. Who are any of us to judge? Good luck to you OP.
  5. HopeRules

    Denied R.N. License after NCLEX

    KelRN215, BSN, RN, I think you are correct that the OP has to complete probation prior to being issued a license in any state. I have not checked all the states but that seems reasonable. Frankly, three months is nothing. I don't agree that the OP is trying to "skirt" the situation. That is one perception that I don't agree with but it is possible that it could be viewed that way by a board. The fact is that different states do treat situations differently and have different rules. I see nothing wrong with the OP investigating the possibility of better treatment by a board (in their view) by a different board. I will give you an example. You can easily be denied a license in California due to a DUI but you can apply in Washington and they do not care about 1 DUI in 3 years assuming you have a reasonable explanation and court records provided. These are just 2 different boards that view a situation differently. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the fact that you will be treated better in a different state. I would consider it an intelligent thing to research. In this person's case, I believe that you are correct that he/she will have to wait until their probation has reached completion. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions and seeking answers. I would be more concerned about the OPs mind if they did not look out for their options. (My opinion.) The BON is not always the best place to get answers. I have asked questions and received incorrect information directly from employees of the board. They were very kind people but just not competent. I would communicate with them but seek legal advice also.
  6. HopeRules

    Armor Correctional Healthcare: Will an Expungement record show

    TriciaJ, RN, The meaning of "expungement" can vary from state to state. You are correct that a "true" expungement would delete all the records. Many state licensing boards, for example, still want you to let them know about expunged records. There may be another way for them to "see" the records. In California, for example, there is not true expungement. it is dismissed and it should show that under a finger print check as being dismissed. I can't tell you what happens in other states. I'm sure it depends. Sometimes when records are supposed to be deleted, there are errors, and it doesn't happen correctly. So, I think the best way to know is to do a self check and find out what is or isn't on your record.
  7. HopeRules

    Denied R.N. License after NCLEX

    I think the OP has lived with the consequences. He/she is simply trying to research the best option for his/her life and career. This is the intelligent and moral thing to do as we affect our families as much as we do ourselves. People fail to realize that we are all in this together. For the OP to be successful means that we are all more successful. Everyone affects everyone else. Good luck to you! I hope you find the answer you are looking for...please let us know how it goes.
  8. HopeRules

    Armor Correctional Healthcare: Will an Expungement record show

    Hi again, I reread your post carefully. Who hasn't had a traffic violation? Wow, I will never apply there. Unless, they just want you to disclose your record as an honesty test. Traffic records stay around almost indefinitely. Anyway, good luck.
  9. HopeRules

    Armor Correctional Healthcare: Will an Expungement record show

    Hi, First, I hope that isn't your true name you are using. If so, please change it right away for your sake. Second, I have never applied or know anything about that specific employer. I can only told what I know or have "heard" from others. Often on an application they will tell you if you don't need to disclose expunged convictions. If you have questions the best thing is to contact the HR and ask if you need to disclose it. (This was advice from one attorney.) Now, the best way to know if something comes up on an FBI check/fingerprint check is to do your own check on yourself and see for yourself. Do an FBI check and a state check (whatver that may be). I know you are anxious and I wish I could offer you some comfort. Unfortunately you will have to wait and see what happens. A good friend once told me not to borrow trouble. (I am good at doing that.) Don't get upset until you have a reason to be upset. I hope there is someone else out there who can really help you but I doubt it will happen. Regardless, if you don't get the job there will be something else out there. I think if you have never had trouble as a LVN you will probably not as a nurse. The one thing that I was advised by some attorneys (they don't always share the same opinions) is that it is okay to say "no" on a standard BG check but if they run fingerprints you should say Yes and "dismissed" or whatever it is in your state. If you know that it doesn't come up under prints that is another thing. I wish you the best of luck and a big hug. Please let us know how it goes.
  10. HopeRules

    Currently on DUI Probation with a recent ADN Degree

    rambo33, You could do a search for the florida BON and read their instructions. You can apply in any state and take your NCLEX here in California. I would research several states and make sure you want to move there first. I am not sure but .15 might be considered an "aggravating circumstance" which could make your outcome worse in Cali. I am not sure if it is .15 or just above .15 (.16 and above) that make it such. I would consult an attorney for guidance. I wish you nothing but the best! Let us know how it goes...
  11. HopeRules

    CA BRN DUI Experience as a practicing nurse

    TitoG, I think you will be treated "like a drug addict" with all the associated monitoring. There is a one-size-fits-all approach to the board's methods which can unfairly punish people excessively. It is what it is. If you have been a nurse for over 5 years you might just get away with the monitoring and not given a disciplinary action (stays 10 years) or a reprimand. Not everyone who has DUIs is an addict or alcoholic. They will treat you that way. Many people don't realize how easy it is to get a DUI. The best policy is to never have a drop and get behind a wheel. Ever. Cabs are much cheaper than the criminal and costs to your career. In many careers a DUI would be looked at as a minor incident. Nursing, especially in Cali, is its own animal. As a new nurse I will be treated the same way in spite of the fact my DUIs occurred more than 15 years ago. I am nowhere near the same person who made those mistakes. I will probably be punished more than you will since you are an experienced nurse. I don't agree with this policy at all. It's ridiculous and doesn't protect the public at all but it is what it is. Long story short: yes, you will probably get the standard monitoring. I would consult with an attorney to find out your options. I am sorry you are going through so much turmoil with this situation. I wish you the best possible outcome.
  12. HopeRules

    Closing a CA BRN DUI Complaint/Investigation

    countryroad, I replied previously but for some reason it never showed up. It seems like you have a good plan. Thank you for sharing this story and please update so as to help another that may be in this kind of predicament. I wish great things for your future.
  13. HopeRules

    Application denied by California BRN

    CaliCalinurse, I'm sorry you have not yet heard anything about your license. Why do you think (if you have any idea) why you were only offered a probationary license in light of AB Bonta 2396?
  14. HopeRules

    ca brn

    ashhhnm, If the lady from enforcement told you that - hopefully you will have no problems. I don't know of an attorney and if I did tell you this post would be subject to the TOS policies on this website. I do know that there is a group called TAANA that might help. You could also do a search for nurse licensing attorneys and your state. Another option could be to consult the state bar. I really don't know honestly. I just want you to avoid possible legal complications but you may not need legal counsel. I just don't know because I have not been in your shoes. I wish you the best of luck in your situation. Please let us know if you have a success story or any other outcome that may help others. Thank you for sharing.
  15. HopeRules

    ca brn

    Hi ashhhnm, I would consult an attorney who specializes in dealing with the BRN immediately. Your issue is probably not that it was reduced (assuming that was the case) but that it was an alcohol related conviction. (It doesn't matter to them if it was an infarction if ETOH related.) The board is going to be concerned that you have an addiction or problem with alcohol. I would read the site carefully and the instructions so you know what you are up against and what you will need. Call them if you have questions. Better yet, email them with your questions. On the BRN website it says "It is not necessary to report a conviction for an infraction with a fine of less than $1,000 unless the infraction involved alcohol or controlled substances." Right or wrong the BRN has the expectation that you read their site/instructions carefully before applying for a license. They consider that your responsibility. If you had questions they would expect you to call them or consult an attorney. The board may have 2 potential concerns. 1. Are you trying to lie/hide something? 2. Are you irresponsible because you failed to read the instructions? To mitigate your situation I believe it is imperative to speak to an attorney. It's normal to worry but remember that it won't help much. You need to take the necessary steps to help your situation right away. I wish you the best of luck with your situation. Please let us know how it turns out.