Please help! Who hires R.N.'s in Los Angeles county, with Probationary status Please help! Who hires R.N.'s in Los Angeles county, with Probationary status | allnurses

Please help! Who hires R.N.'s in Los Angeles county, with Probationary status

  1. 0 Hello all,
    thanks for taking the time to read this post.

    i am wanting to move to the Los Angeles area, and it looks like the California Nursing Board is going to give me a probationary status on my R.N. license, due to some misdemeanors in my past. if anyone can help point me to some specific hospitals/services/recruiters that hire R.N.'s with probationary status, i would REALLY appreciate this!

    part of my 'probationary status' will be that i have to work IN CALIFORNIA for at least 6 months of this time...and if not, the license will be terminated and i have to wait a full year to infinitum.

    i have a fully active license here in Indiana, and it has been my dream to move back to the L.A. area, after i lived out there for 5 years. i am a Psychiatric Nurse right now, and would like to do this long-term. i understand that nursing homes are my best bet right now (i'd rather not), but if anyone has ANY info to pass along, this would be great!

    please email me if you like:

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    The nursing job market in L.A. County is atrocious at the present time due to the economy. If you were to move to California, I wouldn't be too surprised if your license was terminated due to inability to find employment after the six month period elapses. To be perfectly blunt, L.A. has way too many nurses right now and not enough nursing jobs.

    I was born and raised in southern CA and would love to move back, but I've gotta remain in my current state of residence for the time being if I wish to remain employed.
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    There isn't much work for people with clear licenses. Don't get your hopes up.
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    Caliotter is right. I know people with 10 years experience and a clean license with trouble finding work. Nursing homes can be picky right now.
    I am very lucky to have a job, and I can tell you that many of us our getting called off on our regular shifts, most people are working both two jobs just to try to get full time hours that would be equivalent of one job.
    I would not move without a position already lined up.
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    thanks for the replies everyone! i have heard that my best bet would be to start looking for work in nursing homes around the area. i definately won't be moving without a job in hand.
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    does anyone have any more leads, who might hire R.N.'s with a probationary license?
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    Have you found a job yet? I am looking in San Franciscoo for a job with a prpb lic as well
    I here there are over 1000 nurses on prob here.

    Lisa L
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    Hello, I am searching too. Have you been able to find anything?