Please help.. Any nurses with a DUI?

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    I recently got a DUI but blew under the legal limit of .08 and was still charge with a DUI but fighting to get a wet and reckless. I graduated from nursing school and is studying to take my board exam. I dont know what to do? Im scared that I wont be able to take my board exam and find a job. I am also looking into an RN bridge program at my local CSU. Anyone know what I can do or any information or experiences that they would like to share? Im from California. I know what I did is wrong so please keep your negative comments to yourself because..

    Thank you very much
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    Hmm idk how similar the situation is BUT right before we graduated our director announced that if anyone who had anything on their record needs to see her & she'd write a letter to the FloridaBON on their behalf one girl had a history of a DUI & the BON let her sit...she passed and is working as a nurse now...that's all I got...sorry I hope it works out for u

    Idk what state ur in and if it's diff. for diff. states
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    I know a few people in your same situation from school & they had to wait before getting their LVN license. The state of CA does a thorough back ground check before issuing a license. You will need all documentation pertaining to your case & if you can get letters of recommendation that will help you too. I believe several of them ended up getting their license but they had all of the above, if not more.
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    Did those nurses have trouble finding jobs?
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    I didn't keep in touch with them but from what I heard, yes. California is already over populated with nurses & I don't know of any nursing employer that doesn't do their own back ground check. Just be honest when you apply for jobs.
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    If you "blew" under the legal limit, what exactly are you being charged with? PLEASE tell me you are not going the path without a lawyer??????
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    Moved to Nursing Licensure with Criminal History Forum.
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    Im waiting for my court date.. I was being arrested for DUI and drivng with a BAC of .08 and higher which was not true because I over heard the CHP said I blew .074. I dont know where to start or what to do. I recently paid the board to take my Nlcex and is waiting for my ATT. Anyone know what I should do?
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    hunny82, send me an email;
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    Did you receive your ATT yet?

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