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I am a 28 year old new nurse graduate. when i was 17 years old, i had a charge of theft. Now after going back to school, and 11 years later, I graduated, and the board does not want to issue my... Read More

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    That's great! It's so nice to hear a success story! I live in TN, I hope I am able to get my license. TN is so hard on people with convictions, it is nearly impossible to get an expungement.

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    Quote from txgirl11
    I am a 28 year old new nurse graduate. when i was 17 years old, i had a charge of theft. Now after going back to school, and 11 years later, I graduated, and the board does not want to issue my license because of this old charge. I was so young and it was the biggest mistake of my life, and don't feel its fair that they are judging me for one mistake made. I have always been a straight A student, very responsible and with impecable credit, driving record and school records, its just that one mistake haunting me. My question is, has anyone ever, or do you know of anyone with the same charge as me and were issued their license??? They haven't denied it yet, but its been about 6 months and i don't receive and answer from them so i am getting worried that their answer will be no. and i worked extremely hard in school to get this far, for nothing.
    I hope this all works out for you I read this and feel bad. People often make mistakes and shouldn't be judged the rest of there life my question is they do a check when you enter school if this was going to be a problem. It seems someone should have mentioned it to you. All this time later and all the hard work it does seem unfair. Good luck to you!
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    For the ones who are saying that they are unable to find a job with a background, do the employers not have a section in the application where you can disclose any criminal convictions. I live in GA and most applications do, but some just have a section asking if you have ever been convicted of a felony. I have one misdemeanor that I was convicted of and disclose it on applications. I would be sorely ****** if I disclosed the information on an app and got an interview just to be passed up because of my background. I am waiting to get the offense expunged but was advised to wait at least five years from the court date, its only been 2. I have had job offers and really don't think I would be turned down even after I do my background but I could be mistaken. BTW: my offense was for fighting...
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    i'm suprised this didn't come up sooner before you completed the program..
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    I have been accepted to a great nursing school but I'm concerned that 2 misdameanors that I received 20 years ago will keep me from becoming a nurse.
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    I am going threw the same problem I also have a felony amd 2 mis and I am scared to even go to thelass I do not know what to do I really want to do it my felony is 6 years old and I have been doing real good
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    to everyone who will apply for any license...answer all questions carefully since you are certifying by sign the application that you are answering truthfully. all boards will slam you if you answer any questions incorrectly, this is worse than the initial problem....
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    See your stories give me a glimmer of hope. I finished school in June 2010, took NCLEX November 2010, got my pass pending letter December 2010, sent certified court documents the same month, THEN received a letter February 2011 stating they needed certified documents??????? Called my "analyst" and he looked up my file and said "Oh, we just received the documents today" yeah right. Now, whenever I call I get the same generic statement, "we will let you know in writing when we make a decision." He doesn't even want to look at my file to inform me whether there are any updates I am so frustrated and very close to the end of my patience. I don't even want to work in california. I plan on taking my license and applying in Texas. This is ridiculous, there really should be some type of law in place that lvn applicants are entitled to timely licensure decision because we are already experiencing a professional hardship. Food Workers get special treatment so why shouldn't we??? I really want some stability in my life, I want to move out of my parents house, I want to provide a better life for my daughter. I don't have a criminal history. My entire history includes traffic violation, speeding, driving without registration and insurance and and driving on a suspended license which the judge brought down to an infarction and that ticket is completely paid. I just hope after all of this waiting they don't deny me
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    Quote from t_carla
    I have been accepted to a great nursing school but I'm concerned that 2 misdameanors that I received 20 years ago will keep me from becoming a nurse.
    I had 3 of those in 2003. I am a nurse....just not employed yet! You can do this!
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    When I was in nursing school, the whole emphasis was placed on a criminal record and how that would effect you with the board. The mentality was seemingly all about getting your license. Well, we all had to spend an entire day at the B.O.N., and we saw very few denied their license-- we even laughed about it, saying, "Gosh, you'd have to kill someone to get denied."

    What they don't mention is this: Easy to get a license; tough to find a job. In Kansas, I think it was, for example, something like 40,000 teachers currently employed have to get background checks done now in 2011 because when they were hired it was not required. In other words, it is retroactive. You know they'll find something, and quite a few will lose their jobs. There are more applicants than there are teaching jobs.

    An awful lot has changed even in the last couple of years. I was a substitute teacher in 2007; I could not be one now because of my misdemeanor in 2001. What wasn't a problem in 2007,is now a big problem! LOL

    It is so bad, that when I went to the Sheriff's Dept. to get my record for applying to take my boards, the Sheriff, who I know, said I did not need my record. He said, "All you have is a misdemeanor from 2001, and you don't have to report misdemeanors to anybody." LOL Well, a lot has changed. That little misdemeanor gave me a probationary license and very slim prospects for a job.

    What I am saying is that even the legal/judicial community is not aware of just how much hiring practices have changed. IMHO, this has to be addressed at a top national level. Meanwhile, a great many of us who went into this field are going to have to consider some sort of plan B that is not so stringent on perfect pasts. Personally, I can only think of one: truck driving.

    An associate of mine at H&R Block got hired on at Taco Bell this tax season. When he went in for his schedule, they informed him that he wasn't "Taco Bell material." He had a little D.U.I from like 10 years ago.

    I am in Indiana, and maybe it is different in other states. However, in Indiana you can no longer get your record expunged, regardless of how much money or how awesome your attorney is-- it is legislation.
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