New RN having trouble getting employment with misdemeanor

  1. Hello all, I am a new RN. I have overcome some big issues to get here. I have a history of shoplifting in 1997 and then again in 2001. Both misdemeanor convictions, both deferred adjudication. Both of these charges committed when I was young and depressed, still no excuse. I things could not get worse, I was arrested in 2010 for shoplifting, but it was seriously not my fault this time. I was just with the wrong person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I was arrested, but the charges were dropped since I really didn't do anything wrong, but the arrest is still on my record. I have already spilled my guts to the BON who took mercy on me and allowed me to take my boards. They gave me 6 mos probationary period on my license when I received it, but the probationary period starts once I get hired and whoever is my supervisor at the time will have to send quarterly reports on my performance. So here is my situation now, I passed the boards on my first attempt, and now am looking for employment. Unfortunately, I have so many problems because the employers can see that my license is on probation, they ask why, and I have to tell them all about the ghosts in my closet. It has been really miserable for me because I have had only a phone interview and it was from the human resources of a hospital I would really like to work in. I am sad because after the phone interview, no calls for any live interview. I have no idea if I will ever get a job. I am a person with two children and no job. I really need some good advice. I have been nothing but honest and still no bites.
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  3. by   MattRN81
    I feel bad for you and your situation.  We have all been young and made mistakes.  I would imagine that it would be tough for you to get a position as an R.N.  If im looking at it from an HR view, why would I want to hire somebody that I have to send reports to the BON on when I can just bring someone else in with no record?  It creates more work for your future manager.  However, if I were in your situation, I would network as much as possible.  It opens up a world full of opportunities.  You could also try to get your foot in the door by applying to a hospital as a PCT.  Think about it, those positions are not as tough to come by, plus you have a foot in the door.  If you prove yourself to your unit manager that way, I am sure she would be willing to go the extra mile for you in regards to completing and sending paperwork to the BON when she does have a need for a nurse. 
  4. by   brandy1017
    You are in a bad place. Too bad the college you went to didn't go over your criminal record and let you know that they do background checks before hiring! I don't know where you went, but I've heard of for profit colleges lying to prospective students telling those with a criminal background they could get into police work. It is not true. If you truly wanted to be a nurse you should have tried to get your record expunged with the help of an attorney before pursuing college. It is probably too late now since the BON knows and you have a probation license. I don't know if you are working now or where you are working. If you are a single mother, I would go to your local employment or welfare office to so if they could help you get a job. Maybe they have a special program where they would work for you and advocate for your employment. I don't know, but that is what I would suggest. If the most recent 2010 incident was not you it sounds like you need to change who you are hanging out with. They appear to be a bad influence and will only get you in more trouble!
  5. by   elvisen
    Don be discouraged. The truth is you are reckless. Protect your license. You spent all this time in school and board licensure, i kno wsome one that is working with criminal background. Most employers wouldn't check it. So continue applying for job. Some one will give you a chance. Just be truthfull in your application if the issue comes up during interview, admit you made a mistake and plead for a chance to correct your pasts. Get involved in chrch. Forgiveness comes form the man upstairs. Good luck and never give up.
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    Let me guess, you are from Indiana? That is the only state I know that is given out probationary license with those special stipulation. If you never find a job, you'll never get off probation. It's a total set up IMO. I know of one person out of 5 of us that walked into a Doctor's office and begged the Doctor's daughter for a job, she got it and now she can get off of that double jeopardy paper called probation. I say that because, IMO people that have changed their lives because of past mistakes where already on probation, court supervision, jail time,etc. WHY ARE WE PUNISHED AGAIN? I know the BON wants to monitor how each reformed person is doing on the job; However, there has got to be other ways, like maybe quarterly reports w/out the probated license. Indiana BON know of the trouble that new nurses are having while trying to gain employment with a past and a probated license. I heard that many people have written to them about it.WHYYYY even give it to us, hell, just say no, so that person can move on to something else. It's been 3 years + 200 application that = 2 interviews, honestly. I have moved to a different state, hoping that they are more forgiving of a 18 y/o felony. You are a RN you may just get lucky being that you have more options. Good luck sweetheart and I will pray for you and your family.