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I am a recent LPN graduate. I graduated with a 3.62 GPA, had an awesome post-graduate internship at a hospital, and passed my boards with flying colors. The hospital where I was interning liked me so... Read More

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    i myself have a misdemeanor that occurred in 2005, years before i started nursing school. The BON allowed me to go to nursing school. It's been a year since i grad nursing school, and am still looking for a full time hospital job. I always answer honestly on the job app about my misdemeanor, but it seems as if your honesty does not get you a job. These hospitals have the right to hire or deny you a position if they feel like it, even if your offense was "minor" and you were honest about it.

    Recently, i was offered a full time position at one of the big hospitals in Houston, TX. I completed all the paperwork, blood test, and physical; i passed the blood test and physical. When they finally processed my background check, they put a hold on my position and started ignoring my calls. I would leave 2-3 messages but never got a call back. I finally got a hold of the senior human resource guy, guess what he said...did you receive a letter from us explaining the situation. I bluntly asked him, is my record going to affect my position. He had the nerve to tell me he has no idea. It's highly suspicious that he has no clue as to what's going on, since he IS the SENIOR HR. So now, i'm just waiting for my denial letter to come in the mail. How very professional this experience was for me (being sarcastic).

    Your alternative is that you can keep trying (like i have for the past year), wait it out (after 7 years, i hear you can have it removed from your record if you hire an attorney to assist you with the paperwork), or go serve your country by joining the army, navy, or marines (they have great benefits, you get to meet new ppl, and continue your education). I'm really considering joining the navy. I'm NOT a navy recruiter, but i spoke with one and told her about my misdemeanor right off the bat so i don't waste my time nor her's, she said it shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm really sorry to hear your situation. I hope things turn out better for you :-)

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