LVN license on hold in CA!

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    Hello everyone, So I finally got my NCLEX results and passed! The bad part.. My license will be delayed until the board has completed an evaluation on my past convictions. The only thing I have on my record is a speeding ticket over $300. My question is how long will this check take? And can you apply for a temp license while waiting? Any information would help.. I'm stressing out I need my license ASAP. Thank you!!

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    I had an arrest and spent a few days in the pokey for some youthful indiscretion when I was 20. It never came up during my licensing or during any employment checks. I can't imagine your license being denied for something as minor as speeding tickets. It's not like we were all preachers or nuns before becoming nurses. I think the BON understands that.
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    Thanx for the reply! I'm not concerned about getting my license.. Like you I don't think the board is going to deny me for one speeding ticket. I'm more concerned with the time it's going to take. I'm running low on funds and need my license to start a job a was already hired for. That's why I was Also asking if you can get a temp license while waiting for my background check to clear.
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    Hmm, I didn't wait for anything. After I passed the NCLEX I was automatically licensed. You don't have to wait for the physical piece of paper to start working. My state's website said I was a LPN and that's all my first employer needed. Maybe Michigan is different from California?
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    California has very different rules as compared to other states. Among other infractions, moving violations with fines over $300 must be reported to the BRN/BVNPT and are investigated by the enforcement division. Another example is as of July 1, 2012 your license can be denied or revoked in CA for failure to pay your taxes.

    First question would be how did you respond to the question regarding whether you have been convicted of any offense including traffic violations on your application? If you have a moving violation with a fine, you are considered convicted of that violation and required to report. If you stated no, the bigger problem will be that you failed to answer the application question truthfully.

    In most states, you are not eligible for a temporary license is available while your application is under investigation.
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    Must be nice!!! CA is all backwards. After we test we have to wait for official results. If u have no prior convictions you will get another piece of paper that you send in along with license payment. For me I didn't get that payment paper I have to wait till my background check clears.
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    @justbeachynurse- I was honest and reported that I had the ticket
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    Quote from Cali86
    @justbeachynurse- I was honest and reported that I had the ticket
    That will be in your favor then. Moving thread to nursing license with a criminal history as there are others who are/have been in similar predicaments.
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    This was my first post so I wasn't 100% sure what I should do. But thank you!
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    I was in similar situation . Remember LVN Board is not the same Board as RN in California . Itts the Psych. Tech and LVN Boards . I had taken my Psych Tech Boards and passed fine . And I was working for the State . Boards did not give me my License for 19 months ( almost 2 years ) . I had lost my job with the State and could only work on a permit for 6 mths. So I just went back to school , continued with RN prerequits and went through RN school . Got an ASIn Psych Tech and my RN license pretty close to each other . The difference is that once the psych and LVN board license you, the other Boards are easy . But the Psych Tech And LVNs are SCRICT Boards. So covet your License and Protect it !!! Always , btw ... To this day I keep both Licenses. active !!!

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