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Hey everyone!!! I graduated in December 2011 and just passed my boards March 23, 2012 and now Im in the process of finding a job! Im in a small town in Florida called Tallahassee which is saturated... Read More

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    GreAt News!!!! I want to share it so bad but I don't want to jinx nothing God has been so good to be and things are going really good so far!!! Keep me in your prayers and to everyone else that's going through this similar struggle stay strong and focus and remember God has the last say in EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
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    God has been so merciful on me!!!! The case aganist me by the b.o.n has officailly been dissmissed!!!!so i had no lawyer and still was able to prove i was being truthful!!!next step is finding employment!!!
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    Update: I had my an interview on tuesday and was offered the position!!!!! I disclosed all information what a roller coaster this has been thanks for all the positive feedbacks everyone!!!!!
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    God is GOOD and merciful and his grace is FOREVER. THIS was a test and you past it. VERY happy for you. You learned to Stay strong and faithful in him and THAT was more valuable than any degree or license or anything on this side of heaven. I came across this thread by accident and it was interesting to me and I'm so glad you followed up with us and kept us posted. So happy for you love, KEEP GOD FIRST IN ALL THINGS!!!!! Be Blessed!
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    My background was completed today and I am officially a Neuro-Sugical RN!!!!Honesty is truly the best Policy....So yes you can get a hospital job at a magnet hospital with a positive background just stay faithful!!!!