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Hey everyone, 

I am starting to get so anxious about my nursing license. I recently graduated and applied back in January. I have taken and passed the NCLEX in February!  Here is the issue I have a past misdemeanor conviction for a dui from 10 years ago (cannot get it expunged in the state it was from) I have not heard a single thing from the board. I did get in contact with someone from the attorney generals office who did tell me nothing showed up on my record (I don't know how) and that  I was on the agenda for a meeting the happened at the beginning of April. When I applied I submitted everything to the BON including a personal statement and letters of recommendation.  Im Just stressed! I have called and went up there multiple times and have gotten no answers. 

anyone have a similar situation? 


Hi, did you get any answers yet? I have a similar situations 

Yes! I received my unrestricted license yesterday! It took over 4months but it finally came through. I had to call and go up to the board multiple times to get any answers. 

Hey I was kinda in the same situation I took my NCLEX February 1st and passed. I didn't have any convictions because my misdemeanor case was dismissed but I had to provide dispositions. My case was heard at the executive meeting on May 3rd how long after the meeting did you get your license I called BON they said as of May 8th my legal review updated and completed now I'm just waiting on a license number I was wondering how long did it take and if you had to check the website at a certain time or did they email you letting u know your license was ready 

@Mecca2626 mine was hear on may 3rd as well I had my license the following Wednesday .  I kept calling. I finally checked and it was posted. If I were you I would go up there  they provide way more answers 

OK that really make me feel good thanks for the feedback I'm going go up there tomorrow .. hopefully I have good news by the end of the week .

Good luck! I hope they are helpful. Keep me updated! Sorry they are taking forever it's the worst feeling.

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