Facilities in TN that hire RN's with pending DUI? Also, when to report to BON?!! - page 2

**I'm adding this to General Discussion in case anyone is in the HR dept, or has friends having experienced this, if not themselves. I'd like to know if anyone in TN has been hired as an RN with a DUI? How were your... Read More

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    I got a DWI 3 months before I graduated nursing school...so I had to tell my school, they allowed me to stay enrolled...then I had to write a letter to the BON describing what happened and wait 45 days for them to review my case and make a decision on if they would still trust me to take NCLEX...in my letter i detailed what happened, took FULL responsibility over my actions and explained how sorry I was yet still grateful that I didn't do anymore serious harm like injure or kill someone...they approved me to take NCLEX and I didn't have a problem getting a job...I disclosed it to my job that I had a pending criminal charge, a misdemeanor and that was that... best bet is to be honest with the BON NOW...I was not licensed at the time but I had to disclose everything b/c they will find out and then if you didn't disclose somethin, you may be seen as dishonest

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