Essay Help!! NCLEX application time frame..turned in April 30 w/misdemeanor on record

  1. Ok am applying at a hospital. I want to work ER, ICU, STEP Down, or Telemetry. Want to enter their Versant program. Certain departments look for certain things in the essay. Looking for some pointers before I write the essay. The questions they are asking are (select two):

    A. Why did you choose nursing as a career?
    B. What makes you want to choose ********* Hospital?
    C. Give an example of how you have made a difference in a patient's life.
    D. What personal attributes do you have that would help you succeed at our hospital?

    Also, one of the requirements was that we MUST take the test PRIOR to July 27th. I submitted application on April 30th. I DO have a misdemeanor on my record from 11 years ago and was told it is no big deal, but still has to go through the review process. Do you think I will have permission to test prior to that?
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    I think it would be better for you to write said essay before we give you pointers on honest and forthcoming with your answers.
    You will get you ATI test letter when you get it....if it wasn't a big deal on your schools criminal background check, it probably won't matter to the board...but it depends on the board. You just submitted it, it takes about 3-4 weeks at least to get the permission.
  4. by   dthfytr
    An 11 year old misdemeanor? Blow it off! It's hardly a crime spree, nor does it indicate a pattern. So you made a mistake. In the words of that great contemporary philosopher Garfield, "big fat hairy deal." If someone gets a knot in their knickers over it, it's their problem not yours. Just move on. Mistakes are learning opportunities.
  5. by   jcutler
    Ok I see what you are saying and I agree. But unfortunately I can't blow it off with the BRN. It is still on my record, and blowing it off will just result in denial to take my exam.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    see info in section b re sending info re disciplinary action and rehabilitation evidence with nclex application

    frequently asked questions and answers regarding a criminal history or prior disciplinary action, rehabilitation evidence