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  1. I am graduating nursing school in December. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later from the TX BON. It stated that I had to pay $150 for my case to be reviewed by the enforcement department. I took the money order to the offices and handed it in myself. The woman there said it would take a minimum of four months to review the case. I am sick because I wanted to start my job and the place I want to work will start new grads off in Feb. If the four month time frame, (at the minimum), is true...I guess I will just have to wait.

    The charges were for Violating a Protective Order, compliments of a rocky marriage to say the least. They were misdemeanors and they were dismissed. I am just praying that the process maybe wont take so long. Has anyone ever experienced a more favorable time frame with the TX BON for enforcement review?
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  3. by   duanemlee
    I wanted to let you know I just finished this process, well not the declaratory order. I endorsed from another state and had my file sent to the enforcement board and had to pay the $150. I have 3 arrests on my record, all misdemeanors, all minor in their own right. Mine was approved with no stipulations, just 4 days short of 6 months. It's frustrating but it will get done.
  4. by   Huckleberry33
    I really really appreciate your reply! I have been on the edge of my seat just seeing if anyone would reply and let me know their experience. Can you tell me if they notified you of the decision by email or by regular mail? Or did you have to call in? Also do you feel that calling to check in helps or not? Again I really appreciate your response.... THANKS!
  5. by   kann23
    It sounds like we are in very similar situations.... I graduated this past December. Had my application sent to enforcement. Personally handed them the 150$ check they asked for. And now I'm waiting. And waiting. I too wanted to start with in February. I called the BON a week ago, on the exact 4 month mark. All they could tell me was this: it is taking the investigator closer to 6 months, so call back around then". BLAH! I ready to take the NLCEX, and ready to work!
  6. by   kann23
    Running out of patience! Ughhhh!
  7. by   nursse
    i am in a very similar situation as well...i got my notice that i was being sent to the enforcement department on dec. 15 and i have tried calling but i am not able to talk to anyone until april 15th... what i am gathering from what i know and from people i talk to, it is taking almost 6 months exactly to get approved, which sucks
  8. by   kann23
    If this is true, I should find something out at the end of this month. I just hoped I get approved to take the NCLEX with no other recommendations. This wait is excruciating! I was able to talk to the enforcement dept at the exact 4 month mark, and they honestly had nothing to tell except it would probably take 6 months. Best of luck to you!
  9. by   Huckleberry33
    Dear kann23, have you heard anything? Do you know by chance who your investigator is? I called today and they said that my individual investigator has over 600 cases and that the maximum amount of time it could take is a YEAR! I am so done waiting my six months is May 3rd...please reply if you have time and let me know if you have any info for me, I really appreciate it!

    -suffering along with you -
  10. by   MSTXnurse
    I went into enforcement review October 14, 2011. I have two records (each separate offenses), both have been expunged but the problem is that I was disciplined by previous board 13 years prior to expunging record. It was because of the felony charge. I have papers. I have made calls to board and up till today, there's no yeah or nay or recommendation. I have been stressed out about it and wonders why I haven not been giving a decision. My 6 months has been marked for this week and I was told to call back end of week and expect something via mail in 2 weeks after that. SO..I am praying for a decision for this week. Hope all is well with your decision. Have not heard whether it goes past 6 months, so I hope not due to it has been a long time. Has anyone experienced a longer waiting period? I have not experience this before with previous BON. I have recieved both LPN and RN licensure without much challenges.
  11. by   Huckleberry33
    Dear MSTXnurse...hey there thanks for adding your personal experience to the forum, I hope that you hear something soon! If you do not mind please post back if you do hear anything... I am sure it is easy to forget about this forum whenever you are no longer in suspense of waiting anymore. I will do the same!
  12. by   MSTXnurse
    I will let you know.. I was told it will done by end of next week.. I am continuing to pray..Hope as is well with others..
  13. by   kann23
    I have no clue who my investigator is.... I called them this past Monday, and my file is STILL pending. May 3 marks exactly 6 months for me as well. I'm curious to see if I am approved, how long it will take to get my ATT. I can NOT imagine waiting an entire year for this. MSTXnurse, please keep us posted! I will do the same.
  14. by   Huckleberry33
    Hey fellow long suffering people ...just thought I would check in. Everyday it can be a struggle to not just obsess over this! I feel like calling all the time but I know it won't help! Just trying to be accepting that I can do nothing about this wait time...I really hope that I can even remember enough material to pass the NCLEX! I have kept you both in my prayers, as I feel that we all need as many as possible. Hope ya'll are doing well.