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I am graduating nursing school in December. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later... Read More

  1. by   MSTXnurse
    Hey All,

    Received my letter 6/2 for me to sign and send back to enforcement department. Still was unclear to how it works.. So I called.. I mailed bakc back today..Will still have to wait an additional two weeks for executive director to sign,send me a final copy back and forward to license department. I can sign up for the class after that..umh.. So, that means it will be a total of almost eleven months for me to receive my license from TBON( time they received my application, inital review, forward to enforcement dept., final recommendation, sign, return again, executive director sign, and license)..wow! That is my story..
  2. by   Huckleberry33
    That is good news, I am glad that you finally got the letter! Can you believe all the hoops you have to jump through? Wow! I am obviously going to miss yet another job opportunity and won't be able to work for atleast another four months. There is nothing that can be done though...well I hope that you get the final copy sooner that expected, and get it going! Thanks for the update MSTX!
  3. by   LindaS5151
    Hey guys...glad to see you on here. I am so frustrated right now. I graduated on May 9th. Found out on May 17th they are sending my stuff to enforcement. This seems so ridiculous to me. I had an incident 22 years ago. It involved an exhusband who put a stop pay on a check he gave me. I cashed a check and it did not clear because of him. He was suppose to have taken care of it...per our attorneys...someone dropped the ball...two years later I go in to get my driver's license renewed and was arrested. The end result was that everything against me was dismissed...completely dismissed. I bet this holds me up taking my Nclex for 6 months or more...I am so discouraged.
  4. by   MSTXnurse

    I know it is hard not to be discouraged. I do not know why they send so many cases to enforcement, maybe it is money for TBON. Your incident seems minor, so you may get cleared through the initial reviewer (the first 45 days)...well I thought mines was minor. It is no guarentee thge length on process and I know there is a list on one of the discussion boards on here that lists things can be approved by the director of operations. Maybe your case/charge whether dismessed or not is on it but if not, the wait has been over 6 months for a response. Good luck and feel free to keep us up on you journey. Hope it ends soon. Warm regards. Did you disclose your case to TBON?


    It is simply amazing, never would have guessed.. Hope you get information and job soon. Best of luck to you..I will update you all soon. I wish they would let people know soon. Place on automated services that the time is soooo lengthy, so people won't waste time waiting..
  5. by   Huckleberry33
    I am sorry to hear that you will be sent to the board, but the good news is that you passed nursing school and now you can use this time to take a breath and relax and then study. You might be surprised, if that is your only incident it may not take as long...but as you can read it could take awhile. The best thing I can do is practice acceptance and surrender trying to control this...Be available to the Board and keep up with your studies...
  6. by   kann23
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. Huckleberry, I asked around a couple of times at the Hurst Review for you.... I got a few strange looks! Glad to see that the process is moving forward for both of you. Linda, so sorry you have to go through this too. Hang in there.
  7. by   miria
    Hello to all the Nurses waiting,

    I graduated December 2011 and still waiting around for this Board to decide what they will do with my case..
    My file went into enforcement review back in October 2011..so far just in the 3rd week of May, I got sent for a chemical dependency evaluation. No problem with that as I have nothing to hide, but I waited almost 8 months for this reply.
    Someone asked, does it really take the board that long?? Yes, it sure does! At least from what I have experienced. I am frustrated and have passed up 7! yes, nurses, 7! great job opportunities and I can;t tell you how much it bothers me to pass up not one but more that one dream job. Anyway, so I fly out Monday morning to go see a psychiatrist that I found on their "board approved provider" list. I saw another post earlier that stated they wouldn't recommend getting a provider from their list, but I figured oh what the heck, either way no matter where you go the Board will decide your recommendations and it's best to just follow what is being asked of them.
    I am with with you all on the waiting and good luck to all of you..and if anyone has any information on the chemical dependency evaluations they can share, please post
  8. by   Huckleberry33
    So sorry Kann! I did feel that it was a good review though. I went and picked up my order on Friday and signed it and turned back in, I am just waiting now for the rest of this process. Will keep ya posted!
  9. by   IvannaBsuccessful
    Miria I went through the chemical dependency evaluation myself. You do an interview then answer a series of test, mostly multiple choice that are suppose to determine whether or not you have dependency issues. I used one from the board approved list and everything went fine for me. In all of this the psychologist was the nicest and most incouraging person that I have dealt with. I really do not have anything to hide. I made mistakes when I was younger and those days are far behind me. So I think as long as you have a clear conscious you will be fine. The process was fair in my opinion. But don't hold your breath because you will be waiting a long time for your results and your final reccomendations. I had my review in March and I am still waiting for my letter to come from the board. They have however told me over the phone that I am approved. That's my story. I hope everything works out for you.
  10. by   LindaS5151
    Well back on June 5th I posted how I had been sent to enforcement. I was so discouraged. On June 7th the Board sent me a letter letting me know that all is well and that I can now sit for my boards. Whew.....what a relief. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and support. I will certainly keep everyone in my prayers....
  11. by   Jenjen4u
    I just got my agreed order have to do tpapn for the two DUI I got five years ago. Wishing my past wouldn't have come back and haunt me now they think I'm an alcoholic and I'm depressed with graduation twenty days away....
  12. by   MSTXnurse
    Finally got a TBON RN number, praise GOD!! Thanks for going through this with me... Will continue to check in and on you all.. Hope all ends soon..
  13. by   kann23
    That's awesome!! I'm scheduled for the NCLEX, July 2nd! Yikes!!