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I am graduating nursing school in Decemeber. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later from the TX BON. It stated that... Read More

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    I called yesterday, and was told to call back next week and they should know something. I think I'm gonna try calling Friday though... This week is excruciating! Soon enough though, we will know something.

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    Any word with you??
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    Quote from kann23
    Any word with you??
    Unfortunately not, I also called and the lady didn't even tell me anything just that it was still pending...I work at the hospital right now, everyday I have to work with nurses that were in my graduating class ( I work as a clinical assistant) It kind of rubs salt in the wound, every day is extremely EXCRUCIATING! But I am trying to be grateful and know that I haven't been brought all this way for nothing. I also think I might call on Friday...
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    I heard the same thing over and over again. I called and they appeared to be bothered by it at times but it is the unknown that's truly painful. They know when you call because they make notes. I just called anyway
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    Thanks Kann and Huckleberry for support. I am going to continue to check in until we are all celebrating!
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    That must be tough, being constantly surrounded by nurses, esp ones you graduated with. My graduating class had a get together recently, and I couldn't bring myself to go. I knew everyone would just be getting off of work, probably in their scrubs. I'm really worried about having negative "recommendations" on my license. I have a DWI, a little over 5 years old, and I know TX BON does not take alcohol related offenses lightly, as they shouldn't. It just seems impossible to plan for my future when it is completely out of my hands. Either way, good or not so much...I NEEEED to know. Praying for patience.
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    Hey Kann and Huckleberry,

    Any news?? Fingers-crossed. Hope all is well.
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    I've been told to call back next week... thanks for checking in!
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    I was told to call back in around May 14th-18th...uhhh I am just ready to get this over with! Thanks mstx for checking in! Kann did they tell you the week of May 8-12th? I wish I knew what the deal was!
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    The TBON has eligibility/ discplinary committee meeting scheduled for May 7th and 8th. That may be one reason you are told to call back or they are just plain behind as usual. They gave me the same run around. I was @ two weeks outside my deadline. I was just dog tired. I spoke with my investigator due to information (recommendations of yay or nay) was not inputted in computer. It is always odd as to what information is conveyed because each person has a different response and answer for same situation.

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